Sample Devious Affairs: Dawn White

Devious Affairs
By: Dawn White

As a private psychologist, I was going about my daily routine like I normally would. Patient after patient came through my marble doubled doors. The redundancy of the soccer mom, and men with mid life crisis’s wear thin on my last nerve. Maybe one day we’ll get someone that is actually somewhat interesting. Never did I realize, my one wish is about to come true, and my life is about to change and will never be normal again.
Glancing at the clock, I heard a slight commotion in the waiting room and my receptionist Penney and her wonderful southern draw is raising her voice, “You can’t go in, you don’t have an appointment sir!” Standing I check my suit as I push my high back leather chair out of my way. Hoping for the worst I was brought face to face with Special Agent Gregory. The look of annoyance clearly comes across my face and Gregory just smiles, his million dollar pretty boy smile. Which really only pisses me off even more. With my exaggerated annoyance, I finally break the silence. “Lets skip the niceties– we both clearly have a lot of work to get done. What is it you’re here for, that you couldn’t pick up the phone to call me about?” Gregory raised one of his eyebrows and smirks before saying, “Sorry, didn’t mean to barge in on you so abruptly. But, we had another murder, this time it was four demon summoners. When we signed you for the Demonologist at the SBI we thought maybe you would know what was going on, or maybe even if it’s the same one we have to go after.” “What is it this time? Are there survivors for me to actually talk to like we had planned?” Shaking his head Gregory responded, “No, they were basically ripped to pieces.”
Walking into the morgue from the sweltering July heat in Savannah just cools me to the core. No matter that it stays 55 degrees in the morgue at all times– more of the fact that its spooky as hell to be here. I have studied dead bodies for the better part of ten years but you never get used to having to be in a morgue. The smell of antiseptic and decaying flesh accosts my senses. Scrunching my nose I know I looked like a big baby. Straightening up I walked forward and wait for Gregory to lead me into the autopsy suite. Coming out of the office at a break neck speed, Gregory rushed past me and through the double steel doors straight ahead of us– almost smacking me with the doors as he passed through quickly. Stepping through the doors– I am horrified by the fact that the twelve bed morgue has six steel tables of a mix of young women and men. When I finally reach Dr. Brett and Gregory, I can’t help but notice the destruction to the young man laying on the table in front of us.
His arm is twisted at a strange angle, as if someone was about to rip it off but stopped just short. His throat was slashed as if a large claw was just thrust and dragged across his throat and chest. The deepness of the wounds makes me want to cringe at what it would have taken to actually inflict this kind of damage to the human body.

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  1. Thank you so much Dawn for your story and for being on my blog. I can not wait to read more of this story it had me at demons lol.

  2. Thanks for the giveaway Autumn and thank you to all the authors contributing prizes, I wish all of you successful sales on your stories regardless of genres even though I heart the paranormal character ones the most. If I should happen to win please use the email within this post as I use it the most. Thank you and good luck to all the entrants.

    Robbibird3 at aol dot com

    1. Hi ladybirdrobi, thank you for commenting and I sure will. Good luck to you.


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