Review: Alice Parker and the Secret of Arcanum Cove by: Nicola Palmer

Alice’s holiday starts with a surprise when she discovers a new, remarkable ability.
But her excitement is short-lived; soon she is distracted by the temptation to pursue an enigmatic mission. A local woman who died before Alice was born is believed to have left a hidden legacy.
Determined to unearth Jessie’s secret, Alice puts her trust in new friends, and comes face to face with the creatures of her nightmares.
Is she ready to deal with the enormity of what she finds? Will it help her end the reign of terror off the coast of Arcanum Cove?
One thing is certain - things are never what they seem.

Wow, just when you thought the series could not get any better. BAM the author hits you with another amazing book in this series. 

Alice has not had a break from her adventures since she has became a Finwip. This time while on a holiday with her grandparents and brother they go and visit an old friend of her granddads. Felix Rowbottom, while there Alice learns that she is destined for greater things and has another ability. Wow Alice just has to be powerful! Well on this holiday Alice learns that there was a legacy left for her and all sorts of secrets come to life. They all meet new people and discover family secrets. 

This is a great series for children and adults. I do hope there is another book within this series as I want to read more. And I have some questions that I hope can get answered. 


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