Review: Alice Parker and the Mind Magician by: Nicola Palmer

Alice Parker has adapted well to her extraordinary new identity and abilities; she’s even beginning to enjoy them.
But mysterious things are happening all around her.
People are behaving very strangely. Something or someone is controlling them – but how? Alice confronts a ruthless, relentless villain, and soon discovers his astonishing power. Where is it coming from? What makes him so different? 
Disturbingly, the answers to these questions reveal more about Alice than her sinister enemy.
Nothing, it seems, is coincidence...
I received this book to give an honest review.

I love this series, and I love the adventure Alice in this story.

Book 2 takes place a few months after book 1 and picks up right where book 1 left off. 
Alice has now come to terms with her abilites, but is worried that Hugh might know what she is and boy is she correct on that. Hugh is a very dangerous man especially being related to Brian Rowbottom.

Hugh has powers of his own and instead of using them for good he instead uses them for evil. Hence Alice and the Finwips have to stop him.

Alice's brother Thomas and their Granddad learn that they  have new abilities and their powers come in handy on his adventure. 

Now with as many shirts that Alice goes through because of her lovely wings. I wonder why she never once asked the Finwip that made her robe to make her some extra shirts? If anything I think Alice could have asked.

Overall a great book for kids to read. Fun, magic, adventure, the good people fighting off the bad guys all rolled up into one. I can not wait to read more adventures with Alice, her brother and granddad, and the Finwips. 


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