My Personal Experiences with Ghosts By: Arielle Caldwell

My Personal experiences with ghosts
Arielle Caldwell

Growing up, I never really believed in ghosts, aliens, the supernatural, etc. I didn’t have an imaginary friend, nor did I feel like I needed one. I was a dreamer but I was literal. The first time I experienced a ghostly encounter was in Louisiana where I’m from. I was young but not so young I could have imagined it. My great aunt, Auntie, lived alone in a duplex style, old, creaky home. I never met her husband. He killed himself many years prior. The front of the house is what she used as a bedroom...2 beds across from each other. My brother and I would go visit her on summers and I always loved it. One night, something woke me from my sleep. I rolled over in bed, wide awake, and saw a glowing figure floating horizontally over my Auntie. I didn’t scream but it did frighten me. It was his face, his old railroad lantern from when he worked on them. I never saw him again except that night.

Where I currently live, there is a ghost who shares the residence with us. He doesn’t hurt us, scare us, or try to run us off. We live peacefully together. No one believed me at first when I said there was a spirit living there.
One encounter of many was after I had just had knee surgery and was laid up in bed. My bedroom door was open and I could see across the room and downstairs to my second level. (Split level, not 2 story home) There was a black figure that moved quickly down there. I blinked a few times, and it was gone. This spirit likes to play pranks on me. He knows what irks me. My pictures on the walls have to be straight and all my cabinets closed. I’ll wake up the next morning and they’ll all be moved or open. Sometimes, I’ll just turn my back and turn around to the cabinets open. Most recently, my roommate made a pot of coffee and forgot it one morning. When she went to dump it that night, it was steaming hot. The machine had been off all day. I told her it was the ghost messing with her now. Every so often, when people stay the night, they can hear someone walking down the hallway or making noise around the house. My neighbor, before we even moved in, saw it out in my pasture and watched it jump a fence. Whatever it is, I’ve never felt uneasy around it, just annoyed that it likes to play games too much.

I may have started out an unbeliever, but after several events that have happened to me personally, I do believe in the spiritual world and I also believe we can coexist in peace.

Arielle Caldwell, author of The Nerita Torlan Trilogy, Chasing Freedom, and After-Ending (coming 2014)

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  1. Thank you so much for being on my blog. Wow! Your ghost sounds pretty cool, I have not had a spirit or ghost in any places I live. I sometimes wonder if it would be cool to have one or be glad I do not.


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