Grandfather's Spirit by: Gracen Miller

Grandfather's Spirit
Gracen Miller

My father’s house contains the spirit of what I believe to be my great-grandfather—he built the home in the late 1800s and died there when I was five from a heart attack. This particular spirit showed itself to me on more than one occasion. Each time it was the outline of a person wearing a white T-shirt and nothing else. The first time I saw him he was crouched behind a set of bushes near the back corner of my father’s. It was dusk when my stepmother pulled into the driveway, so I initially thought the car lights were causing me to see things that weren’t there. As I got out of my stepmother’s car, the figure stood. It then proceeded to follow us toward the front door. Chill bumps paraded across my skin and my heartbeat was erratic. I was thirteen and feared someone was there who wanted to kill or rape us. When we got to the front door, I looked in the direction from which we’d come and the apparition stood at the bottom of the front porch stairs (my dad’s house is built up off the ground, so there are probably 25-30 steps before you reach his porch). Only the T-shirt could be seen, nothing else. At dusk, I should’ve been able to see a body had one been there. I crowded my stepmother begging her to open the door faster. She wanted to know what was wrong with me and why I was acting so crazy. I pointed to the apparition and, with panic causing my voice to tremble, I said, “Someone is at the bottom of the stairs!” She turned around, peered about and said, “No one is there.” I could see his white T-shirt very plainly. The figure didn’t come any closer, but I was crying by the time she unlocked the door.

That was one of the freakiest moments of my life. Since then, I’ve become a ghost magnet. If I go a month without connecting with at least one spirit, it’d be a miracle. I believe it’s a gift given to me for a purpose. Spirits come to me randomly and I will relate what their impressions are to whomever the message is for. Strangely, I write about demons, paranormal creatures and apocalyptic scenarios in my Road to Hell series, but I have never put a ghost into any of my books. Horror movies don’t bother me, unless they’ve got a ghost in it and then they freak me out. The Shining terrified me!

Spirits do exist. At least in my world they do. I’ve had one too many experiences to not believe in them.

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  1. Wow! I have never had a ghost experience. I am not sure if I should be glad of that. Though I have always thought it would be cool to see a ghost. I bet at first it was scary to actually see a ghost and not know exactly what was going on. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. And a big thank you for being on the blog. Happy Halloween.

  2. Awesome collection of books! I would love any of them!

    1. Good luck! It ends in 18 hours and we have one more story!!! Thanks for stopping by and reading them.


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