Review: Gabriel's Chalice by Frank Ruffolo

Gabriel's Chalice
It is the year 2028. Plagues, pestilence and other global disasters suddenly erupt. As spewing volcanoes cover the Earth with a dense cloud of ash. God sends the Archangel Gabriel with an incredible message for mankind... Dr. Raphael Matteo, a leading geologist with NASA, anxiously studies the signs and disasters foretold in Luke 21:11 of the New Testament. Accompany him as he encounters the Archangel Gabriel during a walk outside of Moon Base Challenger. Follow him to the Vatican and the White House as the Earth is faced with the threat of another ice age. Join with the CDC as plagues threaten life on earth as we know it, while signs in the sky make their way over Jerusalem... a city that will shine like a sparkling diamond.

I received this book to give an honest review.
I was really amazed at the way this story was told. You are in the year of 2028, and the world is pretty much the same way it is now. Only difference is now we have volcanos erupting, earthquakes, death to millions. Is it the end of the world as we know it? The story flowed together perfectly and it is a religious story, the way it was wrote I could literally see this being a movie or at least a couple of episodes of a tv show. It seemed that real to me.
When the people on the moon discover a cave this is when all things start happening. The cave starts glowing but what causes it? In the mist of the cave is a chalice and it is pretty much from God which starts the whole volcanos erupting, earthquakes, and people dying from diseases. With the finding of the chalice things with Earth start falling into place, you have alters appearing and people hearing angels sing. Is there peace and hope for mankind? You have to read to find out.
Gabriel's Chalice is told from many points of views from different people and that made it a better read. We got to see what each person was doing or saying and you didn't get confused. You knew what was going on. You have  Dr. Raphael Matteo, a leading geologist with NASA, you have a doctor who works for the CDC who is trying to figure out how to help those that are dying, and of course those that were on the moon when all this was discovered.

If you want to read a great sci-fi, with a spiritual twist on it then you have to give this book a read. NOW MIND YOU THERE IS RELIGIOUS TALK!!!!


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