Review: The Human Side (Book two of the Demon Side Series) By Heaven Liegh Eldeen

The Human Side (The Demon Side, #2)
From above, Etta’s life seems to be calming down in the town of Quantico, Virginia, but with every passing moment away from his love, Rahovart finds the emptiness unbearable.

After redeeming himself once again as an Arch, Rahovart is still unable to let his past go. Needing to be near Etta, he strikes a deal with Father—except it turns into a mission with great consequences.

With Arch Angel Gabriel in tow, Rahovart sets out to prove himself worthy of Etta’s love, only to face discouragement from Etta’s father, John, and her new boyfriend, Tristan—on top of the threats made to Etta. Would he be able to protect her if she no longer remembered him or shared the love they once held so dearly?

One thing’s for sure: The past, with all of its secrets and lies, will come back to haunt them all.

I received this book to give an honest review.
So I really enjoyed book one "The Demon Side" and I figured this would be just as good. There are some good fight scenes. A lot more of Ra trying to win Etta's heart over by being human.
Ra is not thinking of what his actions are doing to everyone. He has still been visiting Etta even though she doesn't know it. So when God gives him a choice on what to do with Etta Ra picks the only thing he can. To be with her but in a human form, not the handsome Angel he is.
Ra has a challenge to win Etta back she is grown now and in college. She is no longer a young girl she is living with the demons but they seem not to be affecting her like before.
Now towards the end you get a bit of a twist on who Etta really is and I thought that to be pretty cool. And her dad is not all human either I thought that was pretty cool. God is trying to get Ra to learn that he needs to realize everything he does has an affect on someone and this is a lesson that Ra ends up learning. Good and evil are still fighting for Etta and who will win?
Now a funny part in here was when Gabriel and Ra are both human and they are realizing their human male parts.
Gabriel "Oh, please. I'm packing an anaconda compared to your earthworm."
To which Ra responds back, "It's not the size that is of any importance. It's all in how you use it."
Just them talking about their male parts was way to funny being as they are angels. I do wonder if there will be a third book in this series. As I do not see Lucifer giving up Etta that quickly.
And what one review said "maybe another book called "The Angel Side." Now that would be a good read and an awesome title to go with the other two books. :D


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