Review: The Boy Who Could See Demons

The Boy Who Could See Demons: A NovelBestselling author Carolyn Jess-Cooke has written a brilliant novel of suspense that delves into the recesses of the human mind and soul—perfect for fans of Gillian Flynn and Lisa Unger. The Boy Who Could See Demons follows a child psychologist who comes up against a career-defining case—one that threatens to unravel her own painful past and jeopardizes the life of a boy who can see the impossible.

Dr. Anya Molokova, a child psychiatrist, is called in to work at MacNeice House, an adolescent mental health treatment center. There she is told to observe and assess Alex Connolly, a keenly intelligent, sensitive ten-year-old coping with his mother’s latest suicide attempt. Alex is in need of serious counseling: He has been harming himself and others, often during blackouts. At the root of his destructive behavior, Alex claims, is his imaginary “friend” Ruen, a cunning demon who urges Alex to bend to his often violent will.

But Anya has seen this kind of behavior before—with her own daughter, Poppy, who suffered from early-onset schizophrenia. Determined to help Alex out of his darkness, Anya begins to treat the child. But soon strange and alarming coincidences compel Anya to wonder: Is Alex’s condition a cruel trick of the mind? Or is Ruen not so make-believe after all? The reality, it turns out, is more terrifying than anything she has ever encountered.

A rich and deeply moving page-turner, The Boy Who Could See Demons sets out to challenge the imagination and capture the way life takes unexpected turns. In the best storytelling tradition, it leaves the reader changed.

I received this book through NetGally to give an honest review.

I was impressed with this book. It is written on a difficult topic, which in a way brought some light to the whole mental illness issue and how some people deal with it. I have to say the book had me captured all the way to the end, and the last I would say 5 percent that was a twist I so did not see coming! I was like whoa, are you serious?
You go back and forth with each chapter with a character. You get to read the dairy of Alex, then you read from Anya's P.O.V. then you go back to Alex and so on. You get to read what Alex is going through with his demon Rune, you also get a bit of insight on Anya and her daughter Poppy.
The way the story was weaved together made for a great read. The author gave you Alex's full story at the right time in the book only to add a special kind of twist, that will leave you with your mouth opened! Or at least mine was.
I enjoyed the jokes that Alex would write, as some of them were funny. With everything going on in the story with Alex, his demons, his mother, Anya and her past you do wonder is there hope in this story? Will Alex be saved in time? And do demons really exist or are they all in someone's head?

My Rating: 5 wine glasses

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