Review: Boy in Box by Christopher Michael

Boy in Box 

After a double murder shakes a suburban town, a boy's life becomes the center of a chain-reaction of events that affects everyone around him.

Luther McRae, an introverted family product of a busy mother, an overworked father and an autistic sister keeps the secrets of his pre-teen angst written down on scraps of paper and locked away in a box. That is, until a new girl arrives in town like a whirlwind to break down his walls and invade his guarded, emotional turf.

Boy in Box is a story about growing up and finding identity amid the chaos and confusion of puberty and the anxiety of entering into a stressful adult world while questioning whether everything happens for a reason.

I received this book to give an honest review.

I really enjoyed the whole story overall and how it goes to show how one event, person, action or consequence has a ripple effect.
A man is murdered down the street of Luther, with that happening Luther finds his self pretty much tossed in the middle of helping a new girl that moves into his town. His best friend Jake looks after him even though he has his own problems, Luther's mother is super busy with his sister Lucy.

When the new girl Virginia moves into town Luther's world is completely turned upside down, he is doing things he normally wouldn't do. Luther also seems to grow up a littler bit when he meets Virginia. She has problems of her own which she doesn't like to acknowledge to anyone, she likes to lie and make her life seem good. At times I liked Virginia but when she would get upset over little things it kind of bugged me but of course the kids in this book were just that kids. More like young teenagers so I can understand her acting the way she did. It is normal but it still bugged me just a bit lol.
I enjoyed the ending and how it all came about, but I would have liked to known what ever happened to the "treasure" not sure if that was ever fully told.
I would like to read more by this author in the future.

About the author:
Christopher R. Michael is a novelist, poet and screenwriter with a BA in English from Millersville University. He has worked with children and young adults including fifteen years as a gymnastics coach. He is originally from Levittown, Pennsylvania and currently resides in Harrisburg, Pa.


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