Review: The Blood Of Others by C.L. Stegall

The Blood of Others
Although Paris appears to be your average teenager, behind that guise resides a lethal 130-year-old-vampire. After having served for decades as one of the elite High Guard in an underground vampire society, one fateful decision turns her from trusted bodyguard to criminal.
Paris’ actions end in a death sentence and she finds herself in the human world, on the run from Garrett, an ancient assassin and the one man on the planet who knows her well enough to find her.
As Paris tries to find her place in this new world, she encounters other vampires and humans who revel both in their frailty and their own monstrous natures. She soon learns that the larger issue is that she might not belong in this world after all. Not to mention the fact that the very man sent to destroy her is the only man she has ever loved.

I received this book via The Cheap Ebook.
Wow! What can I say about this book. First I love vampire books and this one took it a bit above and beyond for me. You are following in the life of Paris who was turned at a young age. Well actually she was recruited and then turned. The way this story was told it is normally hard to do but this author hit it right on the head. C.L. was able to weave both present and past together in each chapter so you weren't left going huh, what happened again? Instead I was left going oh my what is going to happen now with Paris. It was done perfectly and it kept me engaged!!
The first part that really got me going WOWZERS! Was when Paris was in the bathroom with Greg and what she did to him left me with my mouth opened and going damn way to go Paris. There are a good part of gory scenes that I LOVED! And now a days with books that deal with vampires you do not get much of that in them. With this book you get eyeballs being ruptured, people getting hurt (do not want to give much away on that part.) This book is different than your normal vampire book, you have a young girl who learns how to fight and becomes a high guard but later on at what price? This is really not your average vampire book. You get a whole different type of look at the vampires.
Favorite scene was when Paris and her beau Garrett starting fighting about her books that she has collected over the years! I just about died laughing because who truly fights about a person being a book hoarder?
Favorite quote by Garrett "I have led her home, my love, my only friend, there is none like her, none" How sweet is that!
Favorite little part "Are your bollocks feeling a bit wonky, Salem?" Okay now I know that may not be funny to most but that part cracked me up just a tiny bit!
With The Blood Of Others, you get a chick named Paris who is a kick-ass vampire, she doesn't crumple and submit to anyone. She learns pretty much how to get better at her powers that she has. She learns about love lost and love gained, she learns how to take care of herself. And she learns about betrayal. If you want a new look on the vampire world I highly suggest you get this book. With the way the ending was left I do wonder if there is a book two in the works because I want to really know what happens with Garret and will Paris ever find him again?

About the Author:
C.L. Stegall is a Dallas-based author and CEO of the independent publishing company, Dark Red Press. He has written innumerable short stories and novellas. Some of his published works include: the Special Edition of "The Weight Of Night", which contains two additional tales of the Progeny, "Trinkets And Arrows" and "Soldier Boy." His latest is the adult paranormal thriller, "The Blood of Others."
He is also the Editor - and a contributing author - of 4POCALYPSE: Four Tales Of A Dark Future.



  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book, Autumn! And, yes, the second novel is being written right now.

    (To find out more about my books and others from Dark Red Press, check out the website -


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