Review: The Refugees ( A Jazz Nemesis Novel Book #2) By: L.M. Smith

The Refugees ( A Jazz Nemesis Novel Book #2)
When Jasmine Marshall and her fellow hostages finally won back their freedom and escaped from the mysterious town of Kolob, they believed they would be rejoining civilization and resuming their normal lives. To their horror, what they found on the other side of the dense forest was far worse than anything they could have ever imagined.

On December 21, 2012, an unprecedented series of global attacks changed the world and shook the very foundations of society. A significant portion of the Earth’s population died following exposure to an illness that the media dubbed ‘The Maya Virus’, leaving the survivors to examine and question their humanity as vampires, demigods, and zombies crawled from the body bags of the aftermath. Valkyries, demons and other ancient creatures that had lain in wait for centuries began to emerge, seeking to claim the spoils and feed on what remains of mankind. Panicked governments are struggling to maintain order - some of them at any cost.

With her newfound empathic power driving her toward the tumultuous precipice of insanity, Jazz will now face the single greatest tribulations of her life. Will she choose to follow the man she loves despite his many unsettling secrets, or will she succumb to a treacherous phantom from her troubled past who could very well provide the ultimate key to her survival?

I received this book to give an honest review.
You get a lot more drama, character liking and disliking a lot more than you did in the first book. You get answers to questions and the ending has you going WHAT! So when will book three be out. 
Jazz and the gang have escaped Kolob but they are just not safe as of yet. They want to go home to their families. Half way through you see that there are plenty of twists and turns and going oh my what is that character thinking!!
The world is going though some crazy things and it is a challenge just to get back home for all of the characters. You see the relationship between Jazz and Beck changed and when she had time to confront him she never did. I found myself so pissed with Jazz for not standing up until the last minute of things. I just wanted to shake her.
Now when the new character Gabe came into play lets just say I LOVED him! He has a sense of humor that was needed for all of them.
I would recommend you read book 1 before you read this one so you know what is going on and why.

About the Author
L. M. Smith is both an avid reader and writer. Her favorite authors include Kim Harrison and Richard Adams. She began writing stories and poetry as a child and has always been fascinated by mythology and the paranormal.

A self-proclaimed 'desert rat', she lives near Las Vegas, Nevada with the love of her life, their two dogs, and two cats. She is currently attending classes at the University of Phoenix and enjoys horseback riding, kayaking, and taking long walks with Vladimir: her Doberman Pinscher.

This biography was provided by the author or their representative.


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