Review: Casting Shadow by Amanda DeWees (Book Two of the Ash Grove Chronicles)

Casting Shadows (Ash Grove Chronicles, book 2)
Ash Grove High School senior Joy Sumner and her model boyfriend, Tanner Lindsey, have defeated Melisande, the supernatural seductress who almost ended his life. Now, however, they learn that their unborn child may have been corrupted by Melisande’s evil. Suddenly the council that patrols supernatural activity at Ash Grove High is taking much too close an interest in Joy’s baby, and Raven, Melisande’s former assistant, may have a hidden agenda behind his friendly overtures. And living as an engaged couple with Joy’s father is challenging in its own way, even before Dr. Sumner begins to immerse himself in mysterious research. As Joy’s due date approaches, everyone from nosy journalists to supernatural doppelgangers wants to get close to her, and she and Tanner must decide how to keep her and their unborn daughter safe.

Meanwhile, a disastrous lapse of judgment drives a wedge between Joy’s best friends, Maddie and William. William turns for solace to the growing success of his band, Aerosol Cheese, and the prospect of a new romance in a highly unexpected place. But as his star is on the rise, Maddie glimpses something diabolical in the works. Somebody or something is targeting musicians, and William may be the next in the crosshairs. Now that he’s put Maddie out of his life, can she warn him in time that he is in danger?

Casting Shadows stars off where book one left off.

Well now that Melisande has been taken down you would think that Joy and Tanner would be able to enjoy their life and having a baby. But of course not what fun with this story be without some hidden evil agenda or some evil plot to ruin everyone's lives!

Overall this story had me captured from the beginning and held me throughout each page and chapter. There were some funny parts in here and some sad parts, and the ending! Wowzers. I so did not see that coming.

The character development just keeps improving and you even though you read a little about each character in the previous books, in Casting Shadows each character even if you just read about them once or twice plays a big role.

I loved how Maddie finally come to realize that William has loved her all these years! Even though she hurt him in a way that should never had even happened she learned from her mistake, but would it be too late for them to be together?

Two funny parts that stuck out to me and had me laughing.

When Tanner and Bobby are talking in the shop. And Bobby tells Tanner "Only if you sign my right ass cheek, Bieber." Just the reference to Bieber just was like omg, funny!

Now what really got me laughing was when Dr. Sumner, Tanner and Joy are all sitting around the table and Tanner and Joy are talking about their "first date night." The look I can imagine on Joy's father's face while he is sitting there, just cracked me up.

I gave this book 4 stars as I kept wondering why was Rose growing so fast? I understood she absorbed some of Melisande powers, but that didn't seem much. I felt as though it was never truly explained.

Other than that one little thing, the book was a great enjoyable read and I can not wait to read book three in this series! There is a love that Tanner and Joy has like no other, there is friendship, heartache, love lost, and love gained. There is the supernatural that plays a big part! You will want to go and get your copy right now!

My Rating: 4 wine glasses

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