Review: Among the Shadows by Amanda DeWees (Book 3 of The Ash Grove Chornicles)

Among the Shadows (Ash Grove Chronicles, book 3)
Just hours after Joy and Tanner’s daughter is born, Tanner finds himself in a world where Joy doesn’t know him and their baby doesn’t exist. But when he thinks he has found the source of the magic that has undone reality, a heartsore Maddie makes a wish that alters history even further. With time now growing short for Tanner, he must try to win Joy’s trust and convince her that they have a future together—even though their past has vanished.
As the fabric of reality begins to fray, an old enemy arises amid the chaos... and Joy and her Ash Grove friends find themselves fighting to save the world as they know it. This thrilling sequel to The Shadow and the Rose and Casting Shadows will keep readers guessing as it races toward its astonishing conclusion.
 I received this book to give an honest review.

Man oh man I was so engrossed with this story that I honestly did not want to put it down.

Poor Tanner, Joy, Maddie and William. Heck poor everyone that plays a role in this story. All their lives are turned upside down after time has been messed with. If you have read book two Casting Shadows then you read the ending. Well what Dr. Sumners did was a big no-no and it has consequences like no other.

Now let me say this, you MUST read the books in order or you will be lost a bit and wonder what the heck is going on.

With Dr. Sumners messing with time he ends up altering every ones life in a way that some remember the past as it was and some have no clue what is going on. This being the case with Tanner and Joy! Remember how Tanner and Joy were expecting a baby? Well Tanner gets just a taste of holding his baby girl before time is altered and Rose is no longer in his life and well Joy has no clue who he is or what their relationship was. Will this be fixed? Or will everything in the past be erased?

William and Maddie what will happen to them two? They end up together but Maddie ends up making a wish that she can not undo and that in itself has its on consequences with her and William.

One of my favorite characters in this book was Clark, he is just down to earth a joke able and lovable guy who can make you laugh at what he says.

With time being altered to please certain people it is a race against the clock to make everything back to the way it was. Evil is still lurking and is now in full force because the threads of time have been plucked and someone has taken advantage of it.

My favorite quote in this book was made by Anna Sumners " A loner bad boy with a motorcycle? I'll bet panties hit the ground everywhere he went." She was talking about hottie Tanner!!

There is a lot more magic in this story, along with drama, and a LOVE like no other. The saying is true, "love will conquer everything." This book is a MUST read for those that enjoy the whole paranormal and time-bending stories. 

My Rating: 5 wine glasses

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