Review: Rowan In the Oak Tree by Ayla Page

A harrowing short story about Rowan and her abuse.

Can she escape the perpetual darkness she finds herself in?
Or will she succumb to a worse fate?

I got this book free on amazon!
This was a very heart-felt story. I found myself wanting to take Rowan and hug her and give her the comfort that she was not getting at home and I actually had some tears starting during one part of the story. I had to put the book down for a second and tell myself hey this is a story!
The characters were all well written especially the puppy dog Peyton!
I absolutely hated Rowans mother from the first time I read her in the story, and the stepfather man oh man lets just say he made me feel sick on so many levels.
I did love how Rowan would day-dream about her father and what not, I found it to be great for her to be able to do that with all the hell she is going through.
I know this might sound mean of me to say but I did like the ending, with what happened to Rowan at the end I found it to be a perfect ending, as she became free of all the hell her childhood was.
This is one novella that you would not want to miss out on reading. The author has a real talent for being able to draw you into the short story and I will for sure be keeping my eye on her future work.

My Rating: 5 wine glasses
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