Review: Maddie Maze Menagerie of Mystery and Mayhem book one by Rue Volley

Menagerie of Mystery & Mayhem (Maddie Maze series book #1)
Welcome to the magical world of 'Maddie Maze', a 14 year old girl who is about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.
As our story begins, Maddie is accepting a life in 'Nowhere, Colorado' as she woke up at the age of 8 and found her parents 'missing'. She is moved in with her only relative, that of her Aunt Bernice, her Fathers sister and quite the ecletic. Aunt Bernice would love for Maddie to act like a girl, but our Maddie is a tomboy and loves it. Join Maddie as her world is about to flip end over end with one re-occuring dream, a boys kiss and a book. "Menagerie of Mystery & Mayhem' is book one in this new YA series and is appropriate for readers 13+. It contains magic, mythical creatures and the paranormal. Exclusive to Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing.

I am glad that there are more books in this series as when this book ended I wanted to know more. This is a perfect book for YA and it is a quick read.

I did have to re-read a part as I didn't know if she was dreaming or what! I did find it weird that her grandmother just came to pick her up when she was out with her friend. And really gave no explanation as to why she was sending her away. Maybe it will be clearer in the other books in this series.

My Rating: 4 wine glasses
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