Review: Ghost Time by Courtney Eldridge

Ghost Time
Thea Denny hates the tenth grade, and her home life isn't easy. But she's passionate about making art — and about her math-genius boyfriend, Cam, a recent transfer to her upstate New York high school from California. One day Cam mysteriously vanishes — and then things really get weird. The stars on the school flag go missing, eerily cut out. Intimate videos of Cam and Thea start going viral online — videos they never took. The FBI gets involved. And Thea can hear the voice of Melody, a beautiful, disabled girl her age, whose illness has left her mute since birth. Cam once claimed to be the world's foremost hacker. . . . Is he trying to reach her, send her a sign — or is Thea losing her mind?

I received this book ARC edition that was provided by NetGalley and Amazon Children's Publishing in exchange for my honest review. Publication Date: June 11, 2013.
Where do I start with this book? First let me say I am rating it as 3 1/2 stars and not 3. Half the time I was confused which I think was mostly because of the chapters. They were put into time frames as before Cam's disappearance and after it, and I seemed to get a bit lost with that. Another thing that bothered me was the so called "valley girl" talk. It literally drove me batty through out the whole book, I did try to ignore it the best that I could. I do assume that is just how the author writes.
Now the ending, I would like to know what the heck happened to Cam? Could it be that Thea is going crazy? Or did Cam happen to crack the code that he is always talking about?
I did enjoy the little romance that Cam and Thea had one of those cute teenage romances. Even though there is an age difference one is fifteen the other eighteen.
 I also liked the twist that was thrown in there about Cam I want to say towards the end. I didn't see that coming at all.
What Thea is going though my heart did break for her as I know it must have been hard with Cam disappearing and then have her personal life come out.
Overall it was a decent book, after reading the other reviews I see that this is part of a series. Now that I know that I do believe I would love to read book two and see if it improves a lot.

My Rating: 3 1/2 wine glasses

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