Silenced by Raebeth Buda

Have you read the book Silenced by Raebeth Buda?

Want to know what all the hype is about? Then why not go and get your copy today, right now if you can and see if you would you like it. It was 32 five star's and 60 customer reviews!!!!

Below is my review on the book.
 WOW! Where do I literally start with this book. I was intrigued by the story line and when I realized it was about a girl a teenage girl cutting herself it made me think of a person who is really really close to me. It was like most of her story was being written. With the way Amber was treated at school because she was different, the problems with her family life, only have 1 best friend and then another who just did not seem all there at times. To even the boy who knew about her cutting herself and did not want her to do it again because he was afraid for her.

There were a few things that got to me a bit in this book.
One thing I do wish the author would have gone into detail about is when she started cutting herself exactly. How did her and her friend start and why?
What was up with Casey? It was like she was a bit crazy in my opinion. She would be fine one minute, then the next be upset. I wonder if she knew the truth with Amber's family.

The way Amber treated her mom I can relate to that part because I have seen someone act that same way!

I loved reading how Amber's boyfriend was his safe haven, and I know how important it is for someone to have a safe haven when they are hurting themselves. This book really opened my eyes to what some teenagers do out their and it made me ask questions to the person close to me about the whole cutting scene. The way the darkness was described I could almost feel it myself in this book.
This is a hard topic for anyone to talk about as it deals with depression and the need to relive oneself from everything even for a few minutes to a day to a week.
RaeBeth hit the head of the nail on this book, and as I see there is a book 2 I am SOOOOOOOO GOING TO BUY IT.
Thank you again RaeBeth, for writing a book like this that brings something so sensitive to others and brings up the subject in a way that is not pushy for people to understand. You write it in a way that gets others aware of things like this happening.

Want to buy it? Then here is the link to visit.


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