Review: Soldier Boy by K.D. Mclean

Soldier Boy (Tales of Pandora, #2)Dr. Nancy Barton, G.P./ medical missionary, professional, attractive, reserved to the point that colleagues nickname her Dr. Ice Queen. They don’t know that men kneel before tantalizing Mistress Nancy, the premier Dominatrix at the world renowned sex club Pandora’s. Her entire world explodes when she meets Terry, a soldier boy who has dealt with his own explosions in the battlefield. He’s different- a younger and handsome war vet who embodies the ideal “he who yields is not weak”. Unintentionally Nancy injures Terry further. He uses this opportunity to demonstrate his own heroism and shatters her permafrost. Nancy has never risked pain to her heart and falling for Terry is terrifying. Being hurt in love is something she has never experienced. At the moment when she lets go and allows love, Terry’s past arrives uninvited. Will she once more be saved by her soldier boy? Incredibly hot BDSM and love scenes, tenderness and strength of two souls struggling for love.

I received this book to give an honest review.
This is for ADULTS!!!
This was my first ever to read a BDSM book and let me say I was thoroughly impressed! The writing was great, the storyline had me captured from the beginning and of course the romance that was involved was AMAZING! I got immersed into the story that I found myself not wanting to put it down and staying up late after everyone went to bed to read more.
Nancy Barton is a doctor by day, but on the weekends she is known as Mistress Nancy and she has people at her feet, well pretty much! That means she is a Dominatrix and that is her secret life. She keeps everyone at bay and keeps herself very private so no one really knows much about her. Pushing forty she is attractive, but she has not found that right man to spend the rest of her life with.
All that changes once she meets Terry! He becomes not only her Subbie, but he becomes more to her. They go through their ups and downs and I loved how Terry was trying to win Nancy's heart over and over again. He loves her so much that you can just feel the love pouring out of him.
Terry has his own personal problems going on, but when he meets Nancy none of that matters, he wants to be with her and only her. Nothing else matters in the world.
*CONTAIS A SPOILER*****************

When Terry does the magical night for Nancy and let me say I felt myself going awwww girl you got the right man for you. DO NOT PUSH HIM AWAY LOL.

I fell in love with the characters, and mostly Terry won my heart with his kindness and love that he was pouring into Nancy and the relationship. I can not wait to read more in this series of books as I want more of the club Pandora and the BDSM!!!!

My Rating: 5 wine glasses

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