Review: Desire and Fate by Beth Wright

Desire and FateStranded on another world, Hanna encounters some of its occupants. Fear consumes her as she is taken from her human ways of life.

Ozonar is one of the most powerful leaders of his race. He has been watching and secretly desiring Hanna from afar, until the day he decided to enter the Human's camp.

What does fate have in store for them, and will desire keep them together or tear them apart?

I received this book to give an honest review.
This is not a book I would have grabbed to read.
Hanna is kidnapped and whisked to another world or place and quickly sleeps and falls in love with the Ozonar. The half human half dragon who killed her husband. I found that was bizarre.
I did like how she got along with the children and the men!
One thing that truly freaked me completely out and I was half ready to just stop reading was the way the men feed the children. I was glad there was an explanation to it, but still it felt really sicken to me. I honestly think she could have found something better.
With Hanna being pregnant by her human husband Sam, I would have liked to have read if she gave birth or not? The book ends before you find out.
If you enjoy books with fantasy then this may be the book for you, but for me it was not.

My Rating: 2 wine glasses

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