Review: Hive by J.K. Accinni book 4 in the Species Intervention #6609

Hive (Species Intervention #6609, #4)In the rush to the Tampa Airport, Abby meets a small group of elephants from the famous Elizabeth Siggins Wildlife Foundation fleeing the political horrors of Africa. Putting them under her protection and that of the Hive, she meets Tobi, the elderly matriarch of the small herd who will sacrifice herself to save a human and in return is rewarded with the ultimate gift the Womb can bestow.
As the bedraggled group race to the Hive for protection, saving a few desperate souls as they go, the first bomb arrives. As the survivors and the wildlife struggle to adjust to the new pecking order in the Hive and the revelations of their own origins, a woman and her two grandchildren live through the hellish horror and complete breakdown of civilization above ground as they struggle to reach the Hive where her husband awaits.
Horror visits the struggling survivors as they learn the Earth will not support habitation for at least another one hundred years. But the biggest shock comes from the Womb as it extracts a huge penalty from the hapless people, tolling the demise of the human race.

I received this book to give an honest review.
First let me say I LOVE this cover! I love elephants they are one of my favorite creatures, and the way this cover is drawn just makes me get all giddy inside. Now that aside let me get on with my review.
I honestly believe that J.K. Accinni could be a bestselling author! The way she can weave a story and tell it is just stupendous.
 I have not been disappointed with her books at all and after reading the Hive I am so wanting more. I want to know who this stranger is that is in the background of the Hive, what is Netty and the gang up to while sneaking off, will Kenya ever have her baby, will the new characters Lorna and her grandbabies ever be reunited with her husband Clyde?
Even though there were a few grammar mistakes the book overall was wonderful. This author once again captures you from the first page and leaves you wanting more at the very end.
The same people that were in book 3 Armageddon Cometh are in here along with new characters and of course old characters from book 1! Echo, Abby, Scotty, Jose, Chole, Peter, Ginger Mae her daughter Daisy, Kenya, Captain Cobby, and his son Kane are all on a race of time to get to where they need to go with the animals before something horrible happens. While traveling they end up meeting a group of people that are transporting elephants to the Bronx Zoo. Will they ever make it to the Hive before the unthinkable hits? Will they all be able to adjust living in the Hive, and be okay with what the Hive has to offer them. Something creepy happens to everyone even the animals while they sleep and that has me intrigued on what is the Hive really doing. Baby and Echo get to reunite and it is so sweet to see them together.

There are new characters that will come into play and let me tell you my heart literally broke for them. Lorna, Jen, Susie, and the hitchhiker they picked up (which plays a small part)  I found myself just gasping and hoping that at the end they will be okay. They themselves pick up someone named Seth is not at all who he seems to be. What he did I just can not explain, lets just say he was very gruesome, and I could see why the Hive wants to get rid of all humans. Hell I would want to get rid of them too.
I have to say there was one part that truly got to me and I just re-read the part to make sure I read it right. But it got to me literally because what kind of monster or monsters in this case could do this.
"On the side of the road they noticed a crowd of jeering men and boys. Driving by slowly, Lorna witnessed a man on top of a young woman. Her clothes lay strewn on the ground as they man raped her. Two other men stood with their pants at their ankles........ What looked to be the victim's car stood nearby with the doors wide open, her purse on the ground and a child strapped in his car seat alone in the back."
Being a mom that is one of my worst fears, something like that happening it just really made me cringe.
I am interested in this "The One" business and the tiger Caesar, he seems to have become quite protective of Scotty and I really would like to know why.
I enjoyed reading the details of the Hive and what the Hive gives to everyone there. Especially the animals.

These series of books are a dark type of read. I would not recommend this book to those of a younger audience, I would recommend this for more of a Mature audience as there are parts that make you cringe and truly wonder about the human race. If you enjoy a Sci-fi, dystopian type book or series, then go and get your copy now! You will not be disappointed.

My Rating: 5 wine glasses

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