The Fighter by Nathan Squiers

The Fighter (A Scarlet Night prequel)
Zane's life is in the dumps…
And, lately, subjecting his body to anything that might help him forget has become all he knows.
As the realization that he has no purpose and nothing left to strive for, he's forced to admit what he's tried so hard to forget:
Gregori is dead.
With the ghost of what he was looming over what he's become and his promiscuous and self-destructive life spiraling out of control, the monster beneath his skin urges him to destroy.
With an urge to destroy pulling him ever-closer to the edge of chaos, what future exists for this once-proud fighter?

I received this book by the author to give an honest review.

I have read mostly all of this author's work and I have not been disappointed yet. This author creates unique characters, a unique world and a unique story-line.
The Fighter is the prequel to Scarlet Night by Megan J. Parker. In the Fighter you are introduced to Zane, who is a multi-millionaire and is finding himself at the bottom of a bottle of booze after his mentor Gregori dies. Zane sees himself as a cursed vampire who when become angry can turn into a viscous beast. While drinking away his pain and wallowing around in anger, he ends up transforming into a beast. While giving into his bestial urges his friend Zoey comes to help him out and gets him to realise that he needs to stop acting crazy and fulfill the mission Gregori requested. I did find myself having to go back and re-read to understand a page or two, but overall this book was very entertaining to read. Suitable for 18+ as there is cussing involved.

My Rating 5 wine glasses


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