Victim (Crimson Shadow series) by Nathan Squiers

Victim (Crimson Shadow series) Published July 8th, 2012 by Crushing Hearts and
                                                                                Black Butterfly Publishing
                                                                                ASIN B008INU41Q
                                                                                Cover Art by: M.J. Parker


"The scars we wear are a constant reminder of what we've suffered through; of what we've survived. But the scars of every fight, every sacrifice, and every mistake are only skin-deep."

For Xander Stryker, the "Crimson Shadow", this truth is all-too obvious, and though his vampire body will not scar easily, he still wears the reminders left behind from his human life. And while it's simple to see the history of abuse and self-destruction on Xander's body, it's the scars he wears on the inside that haunt him the most.

Despite having left the human race in a previous life, with a little motivation from a helpless victim, he may still be able to maintain his humanity.

My Review:

I received this book from the author to give an honest review.

Victim is  a short story that has the main character of Crimson Shadow Xander Stryker. 

Xander has left his previous life of being a human for becoming a vampire. While thinking about the scars he bores inside and out he hears the screams of a young victim. He is reminded of his past when the same scenario  happened to his mom. Will Xander rush in and help or just turn his back? You have to read to find out. 

In Victim we get a bit of insight into the mind of Xander and of course we are not disappointed. 

This is a quick read of another wonderful adventure of Xander and  I would highly recommend you give it a read. 

My Rating: 5 wine glasses

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