The Bionics Alicia Michaels (The Bionics Series #1)

The Bionics  Expected Publication date October 15, 2012


All I ever wanted was to be a normal girl. I had dreams of joining the ranks of the Military Police and making my family proud. But the nuclear war that laid waste to our country destroyed any hope I had of being normal ever again. They too
k everything away from me, including my humanity. I am now half-human, half-machine, part of the never-ending freak show that is the Restoration Project.

They hate what they created and they fear us for being powerful.

And so they hunt us, destroying our lives so that they can bury what they built. What they don’t know is this: there is a Resistance out there and The Bionics aren't going down without a fight.

My Review:

I received this book from the author to give my reaction to the different twists and turns, characters, strength of the fantasy presented etc.

What an amazing read! I didn't quite know what to expect when I started reading this book. Half-human and half-machine you kind of wonder if you will enjoy this book. And let me say I did. From the first chapter I was hooked! I loved how it was set into the future but did not have that normal future setting like most books have. I have to say I loved the character Blythe, with her being reserved but bitchy when she needed to be. I also enjoyed how everyone was a family even though they were not blood, and had each other's back. I can see a love triangle happening between Gage, Blythe, and Dax. It will be interesting to see what happens between all three of them, and who will Blythe pick.

The Bionics takes place in the year 4010, and bombs have hit cities in America. For those that were hurt by these bombs they had parts put on them. Such as titanium legs, arms, robotic eyes, skin that you can not penetrate. After a while the president and the M.P.'s started to capture those that were half-machine, he wants to get rid of "those" type of people. Blythe, Dax and the others have a hiding place and take in refugees they go on missions to different towns and help rescue those and bring them back to where they are safe. On one of the missions they come back empty-handed but one of their team-mates ends up bringing back refugees that will join their team and Blythe falls for one of them. Gage! Now Gage has his own story though he is quiet about it. Feelings are put out in the open, a male pissing contest starts. And they have a mission that needs to be done. Will they succeed?

My favorite quote within this book was the following when Blythe was talking to Gage. "I'm not kidding Gage, I will smack the shit out of you with my titanium hand and you'll wake up tomorrow with a concussion."  All I could do was laugh because how many times have we wanted to smack a guy not with our titanium hand but our hand none the less. Especially when they walk away from us like Gage did with Blythe.

There were some parts that I wished the author would have elaborated more on. Such as how old was Blythe when the unthinkable happened to her family and what kind of person was she before? Was she kind, hateful? How exactly did Dax find her? Why were only those cities affected? How does the professor know Gage exactly? (which that maybe reveled in book 2) What exactly caused the humans to turn on the people that were part machine? Was all the food affected by the bombs? How is life for the "not-machine" people? Do they have regular jobs?

I do love the way the ending was. It makes you want to read more about what is going to happen. Are they going to succeed? Is anyone going to get hurt? Maybe the author will put some more background into Blythe, Gage, and Dax. I can not wait to read book 2 I so need to find out from the author when that will be coming out. :D Thank you for the wonderful book to read for you. I truly enjoyed it.

My rating: 5 wine glasses

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