One Bite by Rue Volley

One Bite (vampire fetish series #1)


Kaylen is a woman who is seeking the truth and finds more than she bargained for. Join Kaylen, a homicide detective and her partner, Sebastian....a man who would do anything to protect her, as they weave their way through a deep and dark maze trying to uncover a mysterious murder that hit way to close to home for Kaylen. 
"One Bite" is a seductive and dirty read, exposing not only Kaylen and Sebastians wild passions but sends you on a journey from the harsh streets of New York city to the dangerous hillsides of Romania. This story is filled with lust and devilish vampires, who have no compassion for humanity. It is extremely graffic in nature and intended for a mature audience. This is book one in the "vampire fetish series", sure to tantilate and leave you wanting more.

My Review:

I was given this book from the author to give an honest review.

This book is not for YA. This is an ADULT book. That being said, I started this book not really knowing what it was about and let me say Rue Volley writes great graphic details. She has writing Erotica down. As soon as I started reading she left me wanting more, and of course reading Erotica and vampires all in one book makes for a great read.

In this steamy novella you follow the journey that Kaylen and Sebastian will take you on. To where they are investigating a string of murders, you will be taken from New York to Romania. Sex will be thrown in somewhere in between. After reading this I suggest you take a nice cold shower or something else because this book is STEAMY! The story line was well written, and the suspense builds up at times. Can not wait to read book 2 in this series.

My rating: 5 books


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