Night of the Purple Moon by Scott Cramer

Night of the Purple Moon


Space germs wipe out virtually everyone who has passed through puberty.

Abby Leigh is looking forward to watching the moon turn purple. For months, astronomers have been predicting that Earth will pass through the tail of a comet. They say that people will see colorful sunsets and, best of all, a purple moon.

But nobody has predicted the lightning-fast epidemic that sweeps across the planet on the night of the purple moon. The comet brings space dust with it that contains germs that attack human hormones. Older teens and adults die within hours of exposure.

On a small island off the coast of Maine, Abby must help her brother and baby sister survive in this new world, but all the while she has a ticking time bomb inside of her -- adolescence.

My Review:

I recieved this book from the author give an honest review.

Night of the Purple Moon was not what I was expecting it to be. 
I was amazed on how the plot came together, and how the characters were written.

Imagined waking up one day and watching a comet and knowing that space dust would cover things, but what happens next is not what you expected. You and all other kids under the puberty age are the only survivors, all adults are dead. How would you survive?

Night of the Purple Moon takes you into the lives of those that are having to survive on their own without any adult help and on a small island away from the city. They start worrying when some of the older kids start hitting puberty and the symptoms of the space germs start attacking their body. Would there ever be a cure? Until Kevin one of the pre-teens who is very intelligent listens to the radio for some answers. The CDC is working on a cure. How many from the island will survive to be cured? 

Abby, her brother Jordan, their sister Toucan and their father are waiting to watch the comet. It is said that the comet will causes colorful sunsets, sunrises and a purple moon. Abby does not really care to watch it, but her class assignment is to WATCH THE COMET. Before the comet comes everyone ends up falling asleep. When Abby and her siblings wake they find that their lives have been changed forever. Not only is there a purple moon, but all the adults have died. With the help of Kevin and his sister Emily, Abby and Jordan gather all the children from the island and start trying to survive. They learn how to milk cows, tend to chickens, gather fresh drinking water just in case they run out, and most of all start taking care of one another. 

If you enjoy a good story that will keep you guessing what is going to happen next, and like to read what I would call post apocalyptic. Then I suggest you give Night of the Purple Moon a read.

My Rating: 5 books


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