Blood Ties To The Moon by Robin P. Waldrop

Ties To The Blood Moon


Genevieve is a teenage girl who moves in with her aunt in Alaska after the death of her mother. Soon after her arrival she learns the things she was raised to believe only existed in fairytales are in fact a big part of her history. When it gets to be too much she seeks refuge in the arms of her new boyfriend, William, only to find out he's not who she thought he was either.

My Review:

Will be reading this book again! I loved it.

As soon as I started reading Ties To The Blood Moon, I did not want to put it down. At times I did find that it shared some of the same elements as Twilight with the vampire and the werewolf falling in love with the same girl but that is to be expected, also with the picnic in the meadow of flowers. But Robin made her own characters and their personality different, and unique. That this book is quite different than Twilight.

I do wish that when Genevieve first transformed into a wolf that the author would have went into detail of how she looked exactly, the color of her fur, eyes. I kind of had to think about how she would look. Then when she transformed again at the end into a "new" form there was still not any description or detail on how she looked.

Now this book has suspense, and action though out the entire book, and I LOVED that it kept you turning the pages to see what was going to happen next. I do have to say the author had me with William everything was building up to what the author put into the story. I thought I had it figured out and bam I was so wrong. This is one paranormal book that I see myself reading again especially when the second book comes out which I hope is soon. At the end the author gives us a little teaser and it just makes you want more.

Genevieve is a normal teenager that is until her mother is killed. Genevieve then has to go and live with her Aunt Bev in Alaska, where at first everything seems normal but soon after things start to become different for her. Her Aunt Bev starts acting really weird and Genevieve can sense it, then she gets news that she is something more than your average seventeen year old teenager. While finding out all sorts of new things about herself and the people that are around her she starts getting feelings for one guy and soon feelings for another surfaces. Genevieve has a destiny to fulfill, and while she is fulfilling it she has gotten stronger and more skilled in fighting. She is willing to put herself in danger rather than her friends and hates when they don't listen to her.

If you love the paranormal, suspense, love triangles, action then I really recommend you pick this ebook up. Another great perk to this book is that it is over 600 pages long. Forgot to add that the cover looks AMAZING!

My Rating: 5 books


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