Wilted by Dianna Hardy

Wilted (A Witching Pen Novellas Prequel)


A short story prequel to The Witching Pen Novellas.
(This story takes place ten years before the events of The Witching Pen Novellas.)

Fifteen-year-old Elena hides her magical abilities from everyone, except her best friend, Karl. Inseparable since they were very young, they've always shared everything together, including the darkest parts of their lives.

Elena's beginning to realise that her feelings for Karl are growing into something more. But her mother's about to drop a bombshell on her – one that will change the course of her life, and heart, forever.


This UK-based story is suitable for YA readers, but it should be noted that The Witching Pen Novellas series is aimed at adult readers.
For fans of the series, this story includes two parts of Elena's past that were made reference to in The Witching Pen: 1) The moment that Karl turns up on Elena's doorstep having been beaten and 'jumped on' by his father and 2) "The Sex Talk" between Elena and her mother.

My Review:
This story takes place ten years before the novella The Witching Pen which is also by the same author.

Wilted is a short lovely short that is around 54 pages. It is a prequel I guess you would call it. Here is my review.

This was a great 30 minute short read for me. Wilted pretty much gives you some inside information about Karl and Elena and what she is told by her mother. Which if you read the novella The Witching Pen you get told in that one what happens if Elena has sex. 

You don't have to read this book first before The Witching Pen, but Wilted is a wonderful little story about the two main characters that are in the other book. 

This book is a little insight on Karl and Elena's relationship, and back when they were teenagers. You can just read the story and see that they love each other. 


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