Midnight Hunter Book 1 By Bonnie Bernard

Midnight Hunter

Donna McCormick is a smart, pretty college student whose twenty-first birthday is a week away. Unfortunately, so is her murder - unless the mysterious man from the darkness can reach her first. 

Donna is pursued in her dreams by a man who claims to be her Eternal Partner. During her waking hours, she’s cornered by another who claims to be the same. There’s only one problem: neither is entirely honest. 
Or, for that matter, entirely human.
Eight years earlier, Donna’s life was dealt a terrible blow with the untimely death of a little brother who was left in her care. Ever since, Donna has yearned to get a normal life back – and despite her best friend Mo’s efforts to the contrary, Donna has almost managed it…at least until the Underworld cracks wide open, scattering chaos and spilling out every shifty force under the moon. Most of them want Donna dead, but some will stop at nothing to keep her alive. 
Too bad she doesn’t know which is which. 
With death following Donna like a shadow, she turns to her best friend for help. But instead of help, Mo offers only more mystery. And she knows more about the Underworld than she's willing to admit.
Now, Donna must choose: Cling to the mortal world where she feels safe, or embrace the Underworld where her dreams – and nightmares – come true.
One thing’s for sure - doing either one might get her killed in both

My review:

I was given this book from the author herself to give an honest review! I honestly loved, this book. 

Mo kept me laughing from the beginning with everything that came out of her mouth. Vampires, and minions, and underworld things are all in this book.

I truly enjoyed reading about each character in their own little way. Though Hunter made me a little upset at times only because of the way he acts. When I Bonnie threw in the unexpected I was like WHAT oh wow. Can not wait to read in book 2 how this is going to turn out. I do have to say Mo is one of my favorite characters in this book because she speaks her mind and she doesn't care who it offends or what is said. She dresses in her own way and doesn't care about other's opinions. Now being pregnant myself I crave a lot of what Mo craves lol. And with the reference of chocolate chip cookies crumbled up underneath a banana, and I believe drizzled with chocolate syrup. Oh my that just sounded delicious. Thank you Bonnie for that hunger moment for me. :D

Midnight Hunter is about a young woman name Donna who is in danger. She dreams of a man who wants her dead. Now she is thrust into an unknown world to her since she has no recollection of her previous lives. She is learning all sorts of things of what is going on around her. She meets a man name Hunter who wants to protect her, and in the midst of it all not what he seems. If you enjoy action, some suspense, the paranormal then this is the book for you. I honestly bet you will not be disappointed I know I sure was not.


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