Revelations by Stacey Rourke

Revelation (Gryphon Series Book 7) by [Rourke, Stacey] 

Title: Revelation
Author: Stacey Rourke
Published: May 10, 2018
Publisher:Anchor Group
Pages: 64
Genre: New Adult/ Novella
Review: ARC ebook provided by author
Buy Link: Amazon

Unimaginable evil is closing in, leaving the Garrett family with only one option … run.
Yet one thing they can never escape is the truth, and that is racing for them with vicious intent. Secrets are swirling and lashing all around, threatening to tear the family apart when they need each other the most. Beloved family matriarch, Grams, is doing all she can to protect her grandkids from looming demons and hellhounds. But, the pull of destiny is drawing them near and blocking any hope of escape.

I received an ARC but I did end up buying the book just so I could have this as part of the series.
It is about time that Grams got her own bit of the story put out there even though it was short *cough, cough*

Grams or High Emperess as she will be known will do everything she can to protect her family.  Yet the secrets she holds dear will become unraveled slowly. We get the best of Gram in this novella her humor, willingness to protect, and love for her family really shine through. I love how tough and funny Grams truly is. This character will always be my favorite one out of this series. Keep up with the witty banter Grams.
Evil will appear and we just have to hope for the best that they can stop it before it takes over the world.


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