Closing Review request for 2018 for right now!

With a sad heart, I am going to close down my request for reviews for this year until I am caught up. I want to get through my backlog of books that authors have been waiting for so patiently and I have not had a chance to get to them yet. I am also going to be incorporating books that I have bought but just have not had a chance to read.
I will write another blog post when I am back to accepting requests for authors. I feel really bad about this because I love to review when asked but so much is going on right now that I just need to not feel overwhelmed. I hope you all understand and know that I will be back to accepting requests just need to get through the backlog.

Below are the books that will be reviewed this year. If your book title is on this list know that I am getting to it and sorry it has taken me a long time. 

  1. Do As I Say
  2. Emily
  3. I Won't Let Go
  4. Darkness Betrayed
  5. Intentional
  6. Alex Hollick: Origins
  7. Broken Images
  8. Shark Lover Gracie Marie
  9. Bad Girl!
  10. The Ghost Family  of Pennsylvania
  11. Why Are My Patients Dying?
  12. How to Stay Away from Fike Could not find this book to read it
  13. Fluffy Friends Forever
  14. Salt
  15. Daddy Darkness
  16. Blood Memory (entire series)
  17. Tongues 
  18. A Vampires Tale DNF
  19. A Harbingers Tale DNF 
  20. This Little Demon
  21. Cloud 9
  22. Sevenfold
  23. This Little Demon 2
  24. This Little Demon 3
  25. Three Days Without Grace
  26. The Mask of Serenity
  27. The Woods
  28. Einsteins Beach House- Can't Read the PDF
  29. Scouting for the Reaper DNF
  30. Phoning Home- can't read the PDF
  31. The Biology of Luck- Can't read the PDF
  32. Man Who Wouldn't- Can't Read the PDF
  33. Miracles and Conundrums- Can't Read the PDF
  34. The Magic Laundry 2015- Can't Read the PDF
  35. Coulrophobia and Fata Morgana- Can't Read the PDF
  36. The Topless Widow of Herkimer Street- Can't Read the PDF
  37. Eternal Immortality
  38. Shadows of the Past
  39. Lauren's Nightmare(Lauren the Nightmare
  40. Surrender-2
  41. Kasady Hellhound Twisted
  42. The Cuckoo of Batch Magna
  43. St. Charles at Dusk
  44. Hell's Gift
  45. Twisted Reunion
  46. Creepy
  47. The Harvest-2
  48. Enslaved-3
  49. Darkest Days-4
  50. Kings of the World
  51. Sonnyloa Willdog
  52. Shades of Fate
  53. Revelations- DNF but will be trying at a later time.
  54. Crossing the Line 


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