Spilt Blood (Poisoned by Blood Book 1) by Simone Young

Spilt Blood (Poisoned by Blood Book 1) by [Young, Simone]

Title: Spilt Blood
Author: Simone Young
Publisher: Vamptasy Publishing UK
Pages: 143
Published: December 28, 2014
Genre: Paranormal
Review: ebook
Buy Links: Amazon, Amazon.uk 

An alien world, where paranormals exist side-by-side with humans, comes out of hiding when Joslyn and her family move to Valdez. In the midst of adapting to their new life, Joslyn stumbles across two dangerous situations that she must bring to the attention of the powerful mage/vampire hybrid who leads the city’s paranormals.
Though the first is easily dealt with, the second is far more dangerous—a serial killer with a paranormal edge. Can Joslyn hold back the growing darkness within her as she and the hybrid face the dangers? Can she hold back from falling in love with the un-dead leader?

So I saw the author advertise on facebook that her book was free and when I saw the cover I thought you know what this is going to be good. Well the book was a good read but I had to drop a star from all the incorrect uses of sentences at times. Then around 75% in I had to drop another star because I felt the author could have done without the sexual descriptions. 
Joslyn is a mage who is very very powerful, so powerful that there is a darkness that is within her and that is aching to break free. When her family and herself lived in a commune of other mages she did something very unthinkable though honestly it wasn't her fault she went crazy. Her commune of mages kicked them out and they are now living in Valdez. A small town that seems to have a lot of different paranormal's living there.  Joslyn along with her twin Bryce learn that there is a lot of different paranormal's out there and some actually do get along, though they still have to hide from the humans. 
While they are living in their new place it seems that someone is killing people and it will be up to Joslyn and the un-dead leader to find out who it is, but it will be up to Joslyn to stop the person responsible can she do it and withhold the darkness that wants to break free? 
I really liked how Joslyn wasn't power hungry and very sensitive to others and everything going on around her while trying to be a normal teenage girl falling in love. I really loved the paranormal within the book and the magic that Joslyn has within her.
I do believe I would read book two just to see if Joslyn will get the help and training she needs to fight this darkness. Also to find out if she will be able to be the guy she is falling for. 

Simone Young
I am a writer of paranormal thrillers with a scary edge, I am published by Vamptasy and I love them.


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