Atlic (Timewaves #2) by Sophie Davis


Title: Atlic ( Timewaves #2)
Author: Sophie Davis
Published: July 17, 2017
Publisher: Dabber & Baehr
Pages: 277
Genre: Time travel, Mystery
Review: ARC ecopy from author
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How long does it take for ‘astounding’ to become ‘normal’?Three weeks after returning from her last mission, Stassi 2446-89 is finally ready to move on from the events in Paris, with one exception: the hitchhiker, Charles DuPree. Now living on Branson Isle and training to become the Atlic Syndicate’s newest Runner, Charles must adjust to life five hundred years in the future before he can travel the timewaves into the past. But when it's time for a training run in 2465 Manhattan, a ghost from her past makes Stassi question everything.

I received an ARC copy of this book.
Love where this book ends! I am very intrigued to the answers Stassi and now Charles are looking for. They seem to get closer but then yet something else gets thrown into the mix and they get pulled a step back. 
Stassi and her friends will be taking on a new running job and they get to play with new technology which they all love even Molly, Stassi's best friend who is also her roommate on the island. 
A person from Stassi's past will come back into her life and Stassi can't help but to help her, though she knows she did nothing wrong by getting the job with Cyrus.
I have never really been a big fan of time travel books but this series is well written, and doesn't get you lost in how exactly is all works. On top of the time traveling for jobs that the runners do, I love the mystery that Stassi and now Charles are trying to figure out that has to do with their jewelry. 
As far as characters go the author does a great job with their different personalities, especially Charles as he is from a different time period but is a pretty quick study on learning!
I am very interested to see the story on why Charles is getting to stay, as he tell Stassi that isn't his story to tell. 
If you haven't picked up the first book I suggest you give it a read! It is a good teen/ya time traveling read.
My favorite quote in the book, "It was like reading a great book: each reread was exciting, but it never compared to the first go-through, when the words were new and the ending was still a mystery."

Sophie  Davis
"Sophie Davis" is the pseudonym for two best friends, roommates, and now writing partners. The pair met at Dickinson Law and instantly bonded over their love of great books and bad horror movies. After they graduated, when one longed for the ability to read minds so she wouldn't have to study for the bar exam, a Saga was born. When the Talented Saga went on to be an internationally bestselling series, the girls decided to throw caution to the wind and follow their shared life-long dream of being writers.
The duo currently lives in Washington, D.C. with a poodle and a rescued mutt. The pups are their faithful companions—with frequent social media appearances—as the girls navigate the world of Indie Publishing.


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