An Unconventional Mr. Peadlebody by D.L. Gardner


Title: An Unconventional Mr. Peadlebody
Author: D.L. Gardner
Published: June 20, 2017
Publisher: Self
Pages: 384
Genre: Supernatural
Review: ebook provided by author
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Rockford Peadlebody dies in a train wreck while traveling with his family, (a rather dysfunctional lot of half-blood vampires) after a flood in Mississippi washes their home away. Once his brother Gerald, his wife Ginger, and son Raymond reach grandpa's estate in Ohio, they are surprised by the news that grandaddy Benjamin Peadlebody has also died. They are now heirs to the infamous Peadlebody manor and all its peculiarities, including the butler, a reserved, tattooed, muscle-man named Richard Cottlebone,

It seems fishy to Gerald that two untimely deaths in the family happened within a week. Yes, Rockford's demise was of his own doing, but Benjamin's? Perhaps the butler, knows more than he's letting on?

To prove himself worthy, since he failed to live up to old Benjamin's standards when he was alive, Gerald goes about to unravel the thread of Papa's death. No help comes from Ginger. She's too busy trying to un-vampire herself. And Raymond is in love, but not with his relatives. Gerald soon discovers solving a murder mystery meets with a stone cold reception.

I received this book to give an honest review.

I wasn't sure where this book was going to take me but I can honestly say I enjoyed the story. 
A half blood vampire who doesn't want to be a vampire is what caught me in the story. You see Raymond wants a normal life for not only himself but for his mother as well. He doesn't want anything at all to do with his deceased father's family estate. Raymond's mother is a bit strange and will try everything under the sun to undo the curse that has been bestowed on her and her son, even go hunting for frogs which had me laughing. Gerald who knows he never made his father happy when he was alive will uncover something sinister going on with the death of his father! Though will he be able to handle the truth behind his father's death and can he stop what else is going on in the town with the statues. 
I liked Raymond as a character he really does try to be normal and hide what he is so when he falls in love I just kept hoping he would be able to find someone who would like him for who he is. Because honestly Raymond doesn't seem like a bad guy. Now yes this story deals with vampires and the paranormal but it is not gruesome like other stories with vampires. It is just a simple story with a good plot. I really like the way the author did the background with the statues that was a neat idea to put in there. 
Not much else I can say except check this story out! 


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