Update for book challenge from last year

So I totally didn't make my goal of 350 books. In 2015 I did that with no problem so I figured I had to beat it this time right? Well no I sadly did not so this year the goal will be simple of 200 books. If I go over I go over if not hey then maybe I will award myself with some chocolates.

So did any of you make your goal last year if you gave yourself one? Anything new you will be trying this year with books? I think I am going to try my hand at getting through certain lists in my collections.

For example read all the A books no matter if it looks good or not. That way I can see if I can make a dent in my reading pile, you know that one that last forever. Yet I keep adding more and more to my list.

I will still be reviewing books from authors but most of the books will be from my A-Z challenge I am giving myself.

I wonder how far I will make it in the alphabet or if I will even get through it all.


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