Review: Demons in the Big Easy by Jamie Marchant

17254942Title: Demons in the Big Easy
Author: Jamie Marchant
Published: Jan. 3, 2013
Publisher: Self
Pages: 74
Genre: Paranormal
Review: ebook provided by author
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Adventurous in her youth, Cassandra built gateways between Domhan and its parallel realm of Earth. Now she’s too old for that kind of thing. But something is making it easier for demons to pass into Domhan. Not only that, but their behavior becomes inexplicable: whenever Cassandra banishes one, it laughs at her rather than resists, and it promises it will soon devour her essence and that of every resident of her small village. Cassandra is certain such a thing is impossible, for strong wards protect her village.

But then Cassandra’s granddaughter Aine falls through an unstable gateway. Cassandra is the only one within a hundred miles capable of creating a gateway and bringing Aine back. Despite her aching joints, Cassandra goes after her, and the gateway lands her in New Orleans. But something goes wrong with her tracking spell, which indicates Aine exists in four different places at once. As Cassandra struggles to find the true location of her granddaughter in the Big Easy, she discovers the source of the demons’ confidence. Now, with an unlikely pair of allies—her timid granddaughter and a homeless man who may or may not be crazy—she has to not only save her granddaughter but also prevent both Domhan and Earth from being overrun by demons.

I received this book to give an honest review.
For being such a short read it was actually pretty good.
Though I wanted more of the world Domhan that just seems like a magical place.
Cassandra takes care of all those in Domhan and protects them from demons that pass though from Earth so when her granddaughter falls though a gateway she embarks on an adventure to get her back. They end up in New Orleans (which I love) with the help of her other granddaughter they end up meeting a man named Jack who can see demons which I thought was pretty cool. They try to save Aine before it is too late but who is behind it all?  
I do have to say the names bothered me a bit and I guess because two characters had an A name and the other two had C names. 
I think that this whole fantasy world could be turned into more novellas. I really liked the flash backs that Cassandra was having because when the big reveal came it was like oh my.
Overall good story. The characters were well developed, the story line was interesting, the only thing needed was more of the world of Domhan.

Jamie Marchant
From early childhood, Jamie has been immersed in books. Her mother, an avid reader, read to her, and her older sister filled her head with fairy tales. Taking into consideration her love for literature and the challenges of supporting herself as a writer, she pursued a Ph.D. in American literature, which she received in 1998. She started teaching writing and literature at Auburn University. But in doing so, she put her true passion on the backburner and neglected her muse. Then one day, in the midst of writing a piece of literary criticism, she realized that what she wanted to be doing was writing fantasy novels. Her muse thus revived, she began the book that was to become The Goddess’s Choice. The second volume in the series, The Soul Stone, will be released on June 25.
She lives in Auburn, Alabama, with her husband, son, and four cats, which (or so she’s been told) officially makes her a cat lady. She still teaches writing and literature at Auburn University. Her short fiction has been published on Short-Story.Me, and my story was chosen for inclusion in their annual anthology. It has also appeared in the anthologies—Urban Fantasy (KY Story, 2013) and Of Dragon and Magic: Tales of the Lost Worlds (Witty Bard Publishing, 2014)—The World of Myth, A Writer’s Haven, and Bards & Sages.
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