Review: A Little Protection by Victoria Howard

11451450Title: A Little Protection
Author: Victoria Howard
Publisher: Vanilla Heart Publishing
Published: Sept. 26, 2012
Pages: 31
Genre: Romance, short story
Review: ebook provided by author to give an honest review
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A Romantic Suspense Short Story from Victoria Howard.
Handsome Matt Hemmings meets scientist Alexa McAllistair at a conference on nuclear energy in Rome…and against his professional judgment, he is smitten. The vulnerable – and beautiful - scientist arouses his protective instincts, and the desire to kiss her senseless. And it's more than evident that she feels the same way about him.

I received this book to give an honest review.

Well overall it was a decent read but it is very short. I really don't want to write a lot only because I feel I will be giving up a lot of the story. Alexa is in Rome for a conference there she randomly meets Matt but is it completely random? It seems that there is more to Matt than just him randomly being in Rome when Alexa is. 
You have a beginning, middle and end to the story though it is very quick and the author did a nice job with not leaving you hanging and having you question what is going on.
Now Matt as a character I didn't like him truly he seems a bit too cocky but I didn't get a good read on the characters as the story is short so there wasn't enough character build. 
If you want to read a story that is short and will have you pass at least 15 minutes worth of time then give this book a try. 

Victoria Howard is the author of three romantic suspense novels; The House on the Shore, (a 2009 Joan Hessayon Award finalist), Three Weeks Last Spring, and Ring of Lies. She is also the author of several short stories, including the Kindle short, A Little Protection.
Born in Liverpool, Victoria trained as a medical secretary, and subsequently worked for the National Health Service. She spent twenty years living on a croft in the Highlands of Scotland, managing a company involved in the offshore oil and gas industry.
During those rare times when she isn't writing, Victoria can be found curled up with a book, gardening, designing knitwear, walking her Border collie, Rosie, or travelling the world.
Victoria is also a member of Romantic Novelists' Association and The Alliance of Independent Authors.


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