#PBwkendread Review: Fugitives (Escape From Furnace #4) by Alexander Gordon Smith

13538828Title: Fugitives (Escape From Furnace #4)
Author: Alexander Gordon Smith
Published: Sept. 18, 2012
Publisher: Square Fish
Pages: 304
Genre: Teens/YA/ Dystopia
Review: paperback from library
Buy Links: Amazon, Amazon.uk 

Forever altered by his experience in Furnace Penetentiary, Alex has done the impossible and escaped. But the battle for freedom is only just beginning. Charged with his superhuman abilities, Alex must uncover the last of Furnace's secrets--the truth about the man who built the prison, the man known as Alfred Furnace. And to do that he must stop running and finally confront his greatest fears.

So this book picks up right where book three ends. Alex and his friends Simon and Zee have broken out of Furnace but it seems that they did more harm than good. Alex is still holding on without nectar but it seems that Alfred Furnace has plans for Alex whether he likes it or not. 
There has been hell unleashed in the city once Furnace was opened up, but was that all part of the plan of the big guy in charge? Who knows, but Alex is determined to destroy Alfred Furnace no matter the cost and the question is will he succeed?

We see a lot of different monsters within this story. It seems that there is a new nectar and an old nectar and it seems to affect everyone differently. Zee believes it to be a plague that has been unleashed on the city and he is right on this one. 
No one is safe with what has been unleashed and it is a battle of survival to some. This story is just as dark as the others and we still see Alex fight the nectar that is within his system but how long will that last? I really want to read book five to find out if this all can be stopped or is this the new world where monsters roam and Alfred Furnace is in charge. 
The characters are still well written and the plot is still as strong I think teens would really enjoy this series. It is dark, full of action and has you wondering what is going to happen next.

Alexander Gordon Smith
Alexander Gordon Smith is the author of the Escape from Furnace series of young adult novels, includingLockdown and Solitary. Born in 1979 in Norwich, England, he always wanted to be a writer. After experimenting in the service and retail trades for a few years, Smith decided to go to University. He studied English and American Literature at the University of East Anglia, and it was here that he first explored his love of publishing. Along with poet Luke Wright, he founded Egg Box Publishing, a groundbreaking magazine and press that promotes talented new authors. He also started writing literally hundreds of articles, short stories and books ranging from Scooby Doo comic strips to world atlases, Midsomer Murders to X-Files. The endless research for these projects led to countless book ideas germinating in his head. His first book, The Inventors, written with his nine-year-old brother Jamie, was published in the U.K. in 2007. He lives in England.


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