Interview and GIVEAWAY with Author Lisa Clark O'Neill

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Author Lisa Clark O'Neill her book Malice Volume one was just released on July 22, 2015! Hope you enjoy the interview. 

Title: Malice (Volume 1 Southern Comfort Prequel)
Author: Lisa Clark O'Neill
Published: July 22, 2015
Pages: 432
Genre: International mystery and crime
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The brutal execution of a Russian immigrant suspected of having ties to organized crime is only the beginning for Savannah FBI agent Jesse Wellington. A man known only as “The Ghost” begins wreaking havoc on the Hostess City, bringing murder and mayhem to its southern shores. When evidence turns up implicating Jillian Montgomery, the close friend of another agent, Jesse finds himself dangerously attracted to a woman at the heart of his investigation.
Jillian Montgomery fears law enforcement – and with good reason. But when she finds herself being caught in a web of someone else’s making, it’s Jesse who she ends up turning to for help.
Long-buried secrets from Jillian’s past are coming back to haunt her in ways she could never have predicted. It’s up to Jesse to help her exhume and exorcise them before it’s too late.
They headed back down the stairs and Jesse glanced over at the spot where he’d pinned Jillian against the wall and distracted, bumped into the table, spilling the fruit basket and several of the wooden dolls onto the floor.

The same table she claimed to have bumped into last night while hallucinating.

Jesse frowned.
“What?” Brian said when he realized that Jesse had stopped.

“Weren’t there seven of these doll things?”
“I don’t know,” Brian admitted. “I picked up the ones I could find and put them back on the table.”
“There were seven,” Jesse said. “So either one is still missing, or one of the cops took one.”
“Does it matter?”
“Maybe not,” Jesse admitted. But something, some feeling he couldn’t exactly identify, made him want to locate the other doll.

The doorway to the parlor stood on the other side of the table, and Jesse glanced around that corner, scanned the floor. He remembered Jillian saying that she’d dropped it. In the throes of her hallucination, she’d imagined that it had turned a different color, and when she picked it up, the doll’s face melted. Or appeared to melt. So she’d dropped it on the floor.
Jesse bent down, saw a small roundish shape on the far side beneath the chair. He reached under, drew it out.
The face was, of course, intact. That little Mona Lisa smile.
A blue Mona Lisa smile.
Jesse glanced at the other dolls on the table. The very red dolls.
“Son of a bitch.”
His furious tone brought Brian closer, and Jesse glanced over his shoulder. “She wasn’t hallucinating everything. The bastard’s been in the house.”

1.) Do you like chocolate?

You mean there are people who don’t?

2.) Coffee or tea?

Tea. I often suspect that I was supposed to be British, but the stork couldn’t read directions.

3.) Who is one author you would fangirl over?

There have been many, but currently it is Karen Rose. I love her. Adore her. Want to crawl inside her brain and live there.

4.) If you could be reincarnated what kind of animal would you want to become?

Something that lives at the bottom of the ocean, far away from people.

5.) Do you like clowns?

That depends entirely on the situation. If I’m using the image of one to taunt my friends with coulrophobia, then I bear them a certain fondness. If I saw one standing outside my window at night, then no.

One fine day in the not-too-distant past, Lisa Clark O’Neill left Wittenberg University with a BA in English, which she promptly neglected. After working as an interior designer, decorative artist, and Montessori art teacher (there may have been a BA in art as well,) she finally settled into the role of mother to two very fine children.
However, two years of doing the stay-at-home-mom brain cell melt drove her to pull out a pen and one of her old college notebooks.
That turned into eight novels.
Lisa currently lives in the Atlanta area, where she’s hard at work on the next installment of her Southern Comfort series.

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  1. I had no idea Lisa was a tea drinker. I'm not certain we can still be friends. On the other hand, I enjoy the way she torments people with clowns.'s a bit of a conundrum, I suppose.

    Great interview!

  2. Replies
    1. Jood what are we gonna do with you? lol Good luck


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