Review: The Uncertainty of Death by Y.K. Greene

Title: The Uncertainty of Death
Author: Y.K. Greene
Published: Jan. 25, 2011
Pages: 228
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic/paranormal
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January 25, 2011
Death is knocking at your door.

Death... it is the most frightening unknown to us all. For centuries people have personified and anticipated the horror and majesty of this unavoidable reality. We even invent legends to avoid it.
Unfortunately, she is someone we cannot escape.
No one expects a harried, overworked, and socially awkward business woman to become the deliverer of their fate. Death has never been good at games of skill or chance and is keenly self-conscious, always going the extra mile to make others comfortable. But in The Uncertainty of Death, two mortals, Leo Kaylor and Jules Harper are about to meet Death for the first time, and she is not what they imagined in. Together, Leo and Jules embark upon a chaotic journey that will test the very meaning of life and friendship in the first of this apocalyptic Four Horsemen series

When I read about the horsemen I expect gruesomeness especially when one is based on Death. Now I am not talking about blood and guts no I am talking about the feeling of Death. With this story I didn't feel anything but okay when is the climax going to hit. I did enjoy the bit of mystery behind Leo and Jules befriending Death though we never did get a true reason on why they were saved. Maybe it will come out in the other books.
Death has her own corporation, she has hired regular people to run them while she does her jobs, Death has even taken on a human form as to not scare anyone in a way. But when she is sent to give the hand of death to two people but instead saves them, that is when she notices something is different but she doesn't know why. Not only that her Path (this is the path she is set on to follow) seems off. This sets off a bit of trouble and Death trying to figure out what is going on especially when a new character a God figure comes into play. It seems that there could be a bit of a crush via Leo and Death even though it doesn't happen you just get that feel to it or at least I did. 
I think this book has good potential there is a bit of mystery as to what is happening to Death but this wasn't the book for me. 
The characters were okay I couldn't really connect with any of them I kept wondering why does Leo have purple eyes it is like a normal thing I guess.
Now this is just something tiny but it is bothering me. The title in the cover of the book and I looked on all platforms has the book as Uncertanity now the written title has the word spelled as Uncertainty. 
I say give this book a try and see if you enjoy it, maybe I missed something in the story line that calls to me but may call to you. 

This book is free at Barnes and Noble at the time of posting

Y.K. Greene
Former volunteer worker, teacher's assistant, tutor, VOD editor and celebrity blogger. Current daughter, sister and wearer of really kicka$ boots; Y. K. Greene is also author of several novels in different series. The Four Horsemen series is pre-appocalyptic contemporary fantasy. Eldritch Elysium is a modern take on cosmic horror.


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