Review: The Last Archangel by Trevor Gates

Title: The Last Archangel
Author: Trevor Gates
Published: Nov. 29, 2012
Publisher: Xlibris
Pages: 548
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic
Review: ebook provided to give an honest review.

In the midst of the Apocalyptic War, Hell and its forces have
consumed the earth in an unprecedented chain of events;
perpetuated by mankind's own evil endeavors.

I received this book to give an honest review.

If I was going to read this book based on the cover I would probably just pass it up. The drawing is done pretty good but it just doesn't call out to me like most covers do. 
Now the synopsis doesn't do this book justice at all there is so much going on in the book that it really was a good read for me. The story is told within three parts and at the end even though it is not a cliff hanger you are left wondering what else will happen now that Adrian has fulfilled what he set out to do. 
This story is very descriptive and in some parts that I was sitting here with a smile on my face feeling giddy by the descriptions of the demons and the killing. I mean the world this author created was awesome. 
With part one we are introduced to some of the archangels. One in particular is Adrian who is the last Archangel. We learn that some of them do not care to help out the humans like they were suppose to. We see betrayal taken in the most saddest way. We learn that four of the archangels will become considered the four horsemen. Though there is much talk about the horsemen through out the story it is mentioned.
When the betrayal happens only one makes it out of the city alive. Adrian has been through hell and losing everything when he is rescued by humans he gets close to them and learns that they knew his father he teaches them in return for the gratitude they have shown to defend themselves from the demons. He also ends up finding love again years after he lost his first love. 

Part two
Adrian is in love and has a little one on the way but he has decided to go on a journey to right the wrongs of those that betrayed their brothers and sisters. With the help of his companions Bakari and Isaac they deal with demons like no other. They end up meeting another person after they save the town that Majed was living in and he records their journey which I think is needed. The journey is not easy for anyone. When Adrian meets with someone named Captain Luc he explains what he is set out to do and Luc sends them on their way to the city where Markus is hiding in. The only requirement is to rid the sea of a monster that lives there. 

Part three
After everything Adrian has gone through to find the archangels it is a battle to bring them down. Those that he fights and ends know they have done wrong and are ready for death. The only one who doesn't want death is Markus and he will stop at nothing to make sure Adrian is dead. Adrian ends up learning that he has family and it was something he never thought he had before. We learn that he wasn't the only one who made it out safely when his home was destroyed. The question to all of this is will Adrian succeed in actually accomplishing what he set out to do or will he end up losing not only his life but those who have fought by his side? 

My favorite quote #1 : "But never forget that we must find strength within loss, redemption through sorrow and beauty in death."  
My favorite quote #2: For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you, but if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins." 

 Some issues I had with the book wasn't spelling but mostly grammar wise. I think it is simple words that could have been caught.  One thing that had me double read just to be sure I had it right was when one person lost their hand. The author says "he bent down and ran his hands through the cold water." He only has one had so how did he do both hands?

Overall very good story telling. There is consist action so there is really not a dull moment of adventure. The characters are very strong when fighting and it was nice to see that they just didn't fight battles without getting hurt themselves. Because of said issues that I had with the book it will be dropped down one rating.

Trevor Gates
From the mind and soul of Trevor Gates, newly published author, musician, artist, Cinema lover, adventurer and lovable crazy guy.
I've been raised on Cult films, transgressive books, contemporary art and world music. Classic films, French noir, 80s goth culture, the 60s revolution, Demonology, occult, Angelolgy, philosophy, anthropology, socialology, crime studies. comic books, world music, middle eastern customs, pizza, india, leather jackets, vintage cars, guitars and blues folklore peak my interest and curiosity.

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