Review: Clone Three (The Clone Chronicles #1) by Patti Larsen

Title: Clone Three
Author: Patti Larsen
Published: Jan. 12, 2014
Publisher: Patti Larsen Books/ Purely Paranormal Press
Pages: 228
Genre: Science Fiction/
Review: ebook provided by author but I did end up getting the book for free on Amazon.

I haven’t a clue who I am.

Clone Three wakes up in a decaying city she is sure doesn’t match the one she came from. If only she could remember it, that is.
She has a purpose, at least--she must find her fellow clones, and the statue whose image is embedded in her mind. But she is lost, surrounded by a dead and crumbling metropolis, faced with those who have been altered by the illness that has ravaged the world turning survivors into strange, vicious creatures. She must risk everything, including the safety of her only allies, in order to complete the task that has been laid out before her.
But one question plagues her: is she this crumbling world’s salvation… or the source of its downfall?

I received this book via the author but then turned around and got the book from Amazon while it was and still is free at the time of this posting. 
I enjoyed this book as the world created was different. Yes the constant finding yourself in the same situations gets tiring but I understood that in this new world there is no safety.
Clone Three who eventually gets named Trio wakes up in a new place, no clue how she got there, along with no memory of really anything.
When Trio gets saved by Poppy and her brother Beckett we learn that still no place is safe. We learn that there are things out there called Howlers, Crawlers and much more the world has been turned into this place of nothingness because of the Sick. Trio isn't normal and we see it through out her will to live and help Poppy and Beckett and the little dog she found. This is an adventure story. Trio meets a lot of different characters, finds herself in the middle of trouble on more than one occasion even though she doesn't go out and look for it. Her main mission is to find answers to why she is here and who are Clone Two and Clone One. Will she make it to where she needs to go for answers or will she be stopped? 
It was repetitive in some places but nothing too major and it was something that I could overlook. I plan on reading book two as I want to find out if Trio will get where she needs to go along with the answers. 

Patti Larsen
I write a lot of paranormal books for someone who is afraid of the dark. And I wonder why I have to sleep with the lights on. Sometimes life is a teenaged B horror movie and I'm the one who investigates when the scary music is playing. But the voices are calling and resistance is… Yes. I am a Star Trek geek, too. And a fan of RPG’s. With a slight coolness factor since I've been told I'm allowed to join the pops.

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