Blog Tour and Review: To Hell and Back (The World Among Us .5) by Beth Ann Masarik

To Hell and Back
by Beth Ann Masarik
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

Take a journey to Hell with Elise Stevenson as she braves meeting Hades and his companions in this compilation. To Hell and Back consists of the short stories Murderous Regrets, Hell Bound and Hell’s Captive. In these three stories, Elise is sent to Hell to uncover the secrets of the villains in The World Among Us. She dodges the worst of demons, and goes to the very depths of Hell just to interview Hades and the Prince of Darkness themselves among other monsters that appear in the series.

In the short story, Moon Spirit, however, we are brought back to earth, where we meet Raul Blackoak and his family. While Raul is out on patrol, he hears the cries of a damsel in distress. A battle begins between the werewolf and two demons, but before long, the night is saved by a surprise visitor. Raul and his new partner save the day, only for things to become more serious when they bring her back to Raul’s home. Will Raul be able to come to terms with the strange twist of events?

I received this book as part of a blog tour to give an honest review. 
When I saw the title of the book I really figured it was going to be a good one. I wasn't very impressed with this book the highest I would give this book is 3 star rating and that is pushing it for me. When I first started reading Moon Spirit I was really into the story I felt it had a lot packed into the story line that it was a good story on its own. Then we get to the other three short stories and I felt as though they were rushed and not a lot of depth to them. I mean you have Elise interviewing people for her newspaper article but it didn't feel as though it was a real interview it just felt blah. I really can not describe it. Now this is a world that has the supernatural in it but I wanted more descriptions into this said world. This being book .5 I assume that there are other books in this series that are longer? I can only hope as it seems that it has great potential but in a short story for me I like to have more depth to the story. 

Beth Ann Masarik was born on Long Island, NY in the year 1984 with an over-active imagination. She used to love playing make-believe games, and now loves creating her own fantasy worlds. Masarik has been writing since she was 15 years old, and had her first newspaper article published in her high school newspaper in her sophomore year. She has taken several creative writing classes, and started writing her very first novel in college, and is currently searching for the right literary agent. Aside from writing novels, Masarik enjoys bowling, gaming, and role playing online. She enjoys reading fantasy novels written by Richelle Mead, L.J. Smith, and J.K. Rowling, and looks to them for role models.

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