Review: Incorporated Evil: A Business With One Goal...Absolute Power by Peter Widdows

Title: Incorporated Evil: A Business With One Goal...Absolute Power
Author: Peter Widdows
Published: July 16, 2014
Publisher: Monkton Press
Pages: 352
Genre: Thriller/Suspense
Review: ebook provided by The Publishing Push Team

Charles Barker-Willet is the world's richest man. He is also the CEO of BW Corporation, the world's largest company.

Sean McManus is a business journalist, bored by his job and failing in his life.
When McManus is asked to write a mundane piece about BW Corp, he decides to dig further and look beyond its obvious success, hoping that it might somehow revive his flagging career. Within days his life is transformed, fear replaces boredom and the will to live takes over from the drive to succeed.
McManus' journey takes him around the globe in a search of the facts behind BW Corporation's success. Along the way he encounters love, death, good and evil, as each discovery takes him closer to the truth and increases his jeopardy.
In an age when Government corruption ruins the lives of billions and corporate greed is a part of everyday existence. Incorporated Evil examines the links between the two.

I received this book from The Publishing Push Team to give an honest review.
There is talk of rape but nothing too graphic in my opinion. 
 I got into this book but at times it just seem to have to descriptive at times. This is a really a good vs. evil through out the whole book and I did enjoy how we were not given who the person behind BW Corporation really is until towards the end. When we start off with the book we meet Sean and he is journalist, he decides to write a piece on BW Corporation as it is a major corporation that is pulling in tons of cash. It all looks legit but it seems to be a bit too much legit. With the help of his friend Liz who later becomes his lover they get way more than they bargain for in trying to get an interview with the person behind this business. It seems as soon as Sean and Liz start they are hit with someone trying to kill them, they are in a consist battle of trying to stay alive but as well as gather information. It is pretty much non stop action. Now the relationship between Liz and Sean I could see it growing to become something more but it felt way to rush I mean they were jumping into the bed with each other rather quickly and she was soon saying she loved him and they were barely together. 
The characters were good and not flat. They were likable the story line was very good full of action and keeps you reading to find out who the bad guy is. I say pick up this book if you are into action packed, escapee situations, trying to stay alive, and bringing the bad guy to justice no matter the cost. 
Give it a 3 star rating because of what I mentioned before and because it was a slow read for me. Even though it was good, I just wasn't too invested into the book as I hoped. 

Peter Widdows
Born and raised in Manchester, UK; Peter spent 5 years as a British soldier, before moving into the corporate world, where he became a CEO for a Fortune 500 FMCG company. Having lived outside the UK for most of his adult life, in Australia, the USA, Germany and New Zealand, Peter now lives in North Cheshire.


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