Interview and giveaway with author Paige Dearth

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing author Paige Dearth. I got to read three of her books and they were very touching. They are very graphic so there is a trigger warning for them. 

Paige Dearth

1.) What made you write the genre of books you wrote? They are very touching and heartbreaking and it is something very real that happens in the world.

I think people know of child abuse (all types) from what they hear on the news or in the media or experienced in life. The stories of abuse we see in the media tear up our hearts and we only know a tiny bit of the story. I’ve based all of my novels a helpless child in the hope that readers can feel how it feels to be so beholden to adults who cause them to suffer in isolation with great pain and anguish. As a society we must increase our ability to detect abuse and, hope that awareness creates prevention.
Beyond the abuse I like readers to have a gritty, gut wrenching adventure in places where there aren’t pretty houses with white picket fences. That’s where the Thriller part of my writing comes in. I strive to write Fiction With Meaning – that is, stories that will keep you invested in the characters and keep you wanting to read until you’ve finished the very last page. My wish is that readers will find messages in my words about other human beings so that we can judge less and help more.
Me: Good message to have. I found myself on multiple occasions crying and having to put the book down because it felt so real. I just can not imagine a child or person going through that. 

2.) What is the best advice that you have ever been given?

When I was young I was overwhelmed by all the things I needed to do as a single mother without a formal education. When I was dating my current husband I told him how I was struggling with how to get my life on track so that I can be the best person I could be and provide for my young daughter. He told me that when he was in his late teens, he was overwhelmed with all that he wanted to accomplish. He went to his aunt for advice and she had a plaque in her kitchen that she pointed to, it read: Start – The Rest Is Easy.

We are often overwhelmed in all that goes into trying to achieve our goals, but I used this advice in each phase of my life ever since. This statement had a lot of meaning to me because at the core of my issues I kept thinking about all that I had to do, but I wasn’t actually taking any action. I found that once I get started the rest of it seems much simpler.
Me: That is good advice. I think we all do get overwhelmed at some point in our life that I think we should all take that advice and remember it.

3.) What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

I love to read. A few of my favorite authors are: John Saul, James Patterson, Danielle Steel and Patricia Cornwell. I also enjoy Stephen King novels and I just loved Misery and Thinner. The first novel I ever read was A Woman of Substance by Barbara Taylor Bradford. This is my all-time favorite novel! 
I love to vacation, exercise and cook. Cooking is one of my passions. I get satisfaction from creating new recipes through trial and error. My husband is the guinea pig for my new creations.

Me: Those are amazing authors. I have read quite a few books by them. Cooking now that is cool. My family likes me to try new recipes but I don't have much luck with finding something everyone likes.
4.) Do you like chocolate?

No, I actually love chocolate. Years ago I was with a friend, I’ll just call her Jane, and I had chocolate and so I did what any good friend would do:
Me, “Would you like a piece?”
Jane, “No thanks, I don’t like chocolate.”
Me, “You don’t like chocolate? Why?”
Jane, “I just don’t get why everyone thinks it’s so great. I mean, it boring.”
Me, “Maybe you haven’t tried the right chocolate. This chocolate is great, try a piece.”
I watch as my friend unwraps a piece, throws it into her mouth, chomps down three times and swallows.
Jane, “Yeah, that wasn’t any better.”
Me, “Um, you’re supposed to let chocolate melt in your mouth not chew it.”
Jane, “Oh. No one ever told me that.”
My friend takes another piece and lets it sit in her mouth. The chocolate begins to melt and her lips turn up into smile.
Me, “It’s great, right?”
Friend nods, “Give me another piece. Who knew?”
Me, “The rest of the world.”

Remember to let chocolate melt in your mouth because chewing chocolate is like not eating chocolate at all.
Me: That is funny. If I am in a hurry to eat my chocolate so my kiddos don't know I have it I hurry and eat it. Which means I don't get to "enjoy" the chocolate. 

5.) What is your favorite song?
First off, I love music and find much of it inspirational and enjoyable. However, my favorite song is Let It Be by The Beatles. As a broken hearted child the song brings hope for an answer, I could imagine someone secretly watching out for me. More importantly the song tells me that I can’t fix everything and if I just let it be and don’t dwell on negative things, life will move you to a better place

Me: I have never heard of that song. I will have to look it up on YouTube and find it. That is a good message as well "don't dwell on the negative things." That is something I need to remember myself sometimes.
6.)Coffee or tea?
Most definitely coffee. I drink it with sugar and cream. I never use flavored creams because I enjoy the taste of pure coffee and my favorite brand of coffee is Chock Full O’ Nuts. Also, I only use a percolator, makes the coffee richer.
Me: A fellow coffee lover. Chock Full O' Nuts I have never heard of this. Going to have to look at my Walmart to see if it is there, and a percolator? Never thought about using that to make it richer. I use a boring old coffee pot, I guess that is something I need to invest in.

7.)What is your favorite food?
Well, I have to say that potato chips are just about my most favorite food of all time (that’s a food, right?). I can eat them until I burst. Now, if you don’t consider potato chips a food then I’d have to say pepperoni pizza, well done of course. The crazy part of this answer is that I eat as healthy as possible and indulge in my favorite foods only on occasion…everything in moderation.
Me: Potato Chips is always a food! It is a great snack as well lol. Pepperoni pizza is very good, I am more of a supreme lover that way I can count I had my veggies for the day or week when we do have it. :)
Thank you so much for being on the blog for an interview and for willing to do a giveaway. I hope more people pick up your books and please readers leave a review so the author can know what YOU think about her work. Just remember it is not something that you can put down, your heart will break, you will probably cry, and it is graphic at times.

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  1. I have not read any of Paige's book but will be looking them up. Thank you for the interview. Love learning about new authors.

    1. You are very welcome. Please do. I found her through NetGalley and was surprised at how raw and real her books were. Thank you for commenting and good luck to you.

  2. What a great interview!! And thanks for introducing me to a new author (and a fellow Philly area girl)

    1. Thank you and you are very welcome. Thank you for commenting and good luck to you.


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