Review: Triangle by Teri White


Title: Triangle
Author: Teri White
Published: October 14, 2014
Genre: Mystery/suspense
Pages: 352
Review: ebook provided by NetGalley and Open Road Integrated Media

In Vietnam a loner meets a strange man with a knack for murder
Mac finds Johnny Griffith nearly comatose with shell shock, on the edge of a massacre. When the Vietnamese fighters attack, he just stands there waiting to die, until Mac tells him to run. Together they survive the war—Mac risking his life time and again for this strange, sweet kid who barely knows his own name. By the time they return stateside, they’re inseparable, joined by a bond that no outsider could understand—and which can only end in tragedy.
When Mac’s gambling habit lands him in debt with the mob, he offers them Johnny, whose obedience makes him a perfect contract assassin. Mac plans the hits, and Johnny pulls the trigger, feeling nothing afterward besides an intense craving for strawberry ice cream. But when Mac loses control of his killing machine, Johnny’s repressed fury will be unleashed on the world.

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.

I have to say this was an interesting story it starts off with part one where two men are in the army. This is how Mac and Johnny meet. Mac is trekking through the jungle and comes across a village this is where he sees Johnny shell shocked. Mac pretty much takes him under his wing and the two were inseparable  ever since. Mac is a character who has a bad gambling problem you would think he would learn to stop once he is in the hole but of course not he just keeps on. Johnny is very quiet and stays to himself but he does whatever Mac wants. He is very easy going and I am not sure if that was because of the way he was raised or because of the war. The relationship is kind of weird between the two. With Mac owing a lot of money to the gamblers he ends up with a job offer to become a collector and then eventually a hit man, but Mac is just the talker we learn that Johnny is the hit man. You can tell Johnny isn't comfortable doing it but whatever Mac wants him to do he goes along with it. 
As time goes on Johnny and Mac are moving through out the country killing people that they are suppose to. Which leads us to part two in the book.
This is where we are introduced to a cop named Simon. When Simon is doing stake out duty while his partner is in a house undercover he is shot. Simon will stop at nothing to make sure his partner gets the justice he deserves no matter what the cost. We watch as Simon pretty much melts down to nothing he eats, sleeps and works on the case, all the while his family and his job is suffering. I liked how dedicated Simon was to finding the killer and not stopping until he found out who it was. I didn't agree with how obsessed he become in way that he forgot his anniversary and I could see how his wife was worried and upset. 
Then we enter into part three of the book and this is where we see Simon right on the trails of Johnny and Mac but them two do not fully get that they are about to be caught. 
We see Johnny open up just a bit more while talking to Simon and he almost seems normal if even for a second. Now the ending I didn't see coming and was a bit surprised it turned out the way it did. I was thinking something more dramatic would happen but nope I liked the way it turned out.
The only truly weird thing in the book for me was other guys calling guys babe. It wasn't in a sexual way but two guy friends calling each other babe when talking to them it felt off. 
Other than that I truly enjoyed the suspense behind it. The story line was great, the characters were developed enough that they didn't seem flat. They had personalities. 

Teri White is a publisher, artist and prolific zine author.


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