Review: The Tatterdemon Omnibus by Steve Vernon


Title: The Tatterdemon Omnibus (books 1-3)
Author: Steve Vernon
Published:May 1, 2013
Pages: 422
Genre: Horror
Review: ebook

All three volumes of the spine-chilling TATTERDEMON trilogy available in one single volume.

In 1691 the town of Crossfall taught the witch Thessaly how to die. They beat her, they shot her, they hung her - but nothing worked. When they finally tried to bury her alive Thessaly set the field against them. The first man died as a gust of wind harrowed the meat from his bones. A root,flung like a dirty javelin, cut a second man down. Many more deaths followed. The Preacher Fell impaled the witch upon her very own broom but she dragged him down into the field to wait for three more centuries.

Three hundred years later Maddy Harker will murder her bullying husband Vic. She will bury him in the field as she buried her abusive father years before that. The very same field where the revenant spirit of Thessaly Cross lies waiting.

In three days Vic will rise again - a thing of dirt, bone and hatred.

Men will call him the Tatterdemon.

And hell - and Thessaly - will follow

"The genre needs new blood and Steve Vernon is quite a transfusion." –Edward Lee, author of FLESH GOTHIC and CITY INFERNAL

Graphic 18 on up.
I heard that is was a great book and it would be right up my alley.
As soon as I started reading I was impressed, the momentum picked up the author was very descriptive I was like damn this is going to be an amazing book. 
Then I was thrown a whole lot of characters. Now normally three or four different characters I have no problem with. But there were more than that and even though it all flowed together eventually at times I just seemed to be like okay wait what character are we dealing with now.

The story starts of with a witch and a preacher. And of course this witch has cursed the descendants of this preacher. As time has gone on there seems to be a curse on the small town of Crossfall and it all starts with one character and his actions. 
Then we fast forward to Maddy. She is a wife to Vic who is very abusive and this time she has had enough of his mess. She ends up killing him and burying him in the field that the witch and preacher man lay along with the broom. And once Vic is buried he comes up from the ground known as Tatterdemon. 
We have Wendy, the sheriff, deputy Earl, the mailman and the so called circus freak. They each have their own personal drama and skeleton's in their closet and it all comes together nicely as the story picks up and progresses. We watch how they all come back to life because of the Tatterdemon and their secrets slowly start coming to out.
The past has to come to the future to end the rein of terror that is being caused but will it stop? 
The author did a great job with the graphic portions of the story and I found myself getting the shivers and going OMG what is going to happen next. 
If you are looking for good horror, zombies then I suggest you get this book.

The issues I had with the book is one grammar. There was one or two spots that had the wrong type of grammar used.
Second the author used the wrong character name a couple of times. 

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