Review: Bulldog (Dev Haskell - Private Investigator Book 9) by Mike Faricy

Bulldog is the NINTH mystery in the Dev Haskell Private Investigator mystery series.

Mike Faricy once again proves himself to be Minnesota's Master of the Bizarre.

When corner cutting, back slapping Dev Haskell loses his friend, Dermot Gallagher in what appears to be a random shooting he takes it personal. But the more he learns, the more questions seem to go unanswered. His old nemesis, local crimelord, Tubby Gustafson seems to be involved or is he? Then there's 'Fat Freddy' Zimmerman, a criminal of underachieving and dubious reputation if ever there was one. Swindle Lawless enters, stripping up a storm under her new stage name, 'Cougar.' Jackie Van Dorn, Tubby's attorney adds a special brand of polished sleaze to the entire affair. And, just when you think things couldn't possibly get any worse, Tubby's psychopathic enforcer, Bulldog shows up and seems to have more than a passing interest in Dermot's death. Dev ends up with only one option, the question is; Will he take it?

I really like Dev ever since I got introduced to him. This was the first book I actually pre-ordered and I was so excited to get on my kindle. 
If you have read anything about Dev before you know he is a P.I. and he always seems to find himself in the odd situations of trouble. He always has some type of female problems and then the cases he gets he is always caught right into the middle of it. 

With Bulldog it was a good read, not much humor like the others on had in it. I guess maybe because Heidi wasn't as big a part in the story along with Detective Manning. Normally Dev and Manning are in each others faces and Dev somehow uses his charm to get under Manning's skin. 

If you read book #8 in this series than you might remember Bulldog he is Tubby's enforcer, and now he has his own book. When Dev's close friend is murdered he decides that maybe he shouldn't get into the investigation. But then realizes that he should try to get some answers. As Dev digs deeper into the mystery he learns that Bulldog plays a major role in it all. Everything comes full circle for Bulldog but will Dev live after dealing with him?

Overall loved the story, anything with Dev is going to be good. Only reason I am not giving this book a solid five liked I hoped to is because lack of humor. I know super silly but I have come to know Dev as a humorous P.I. but not this time. 

Mike Faricy
I was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, I still live there as well as in Dublin, Ireland. I've been a soldier, freelance journalist, tended bar, sold designer cakes, owned a painting and decorating company along with a number of other schemes and scams. If that doesn't offend you I also play bagpipes with the Brian Boru Irish Pipe Band. All my books stand alone, read them in whatever order you wish. They are filled with the sort of oddballs we are all curious about, but wisely, prefer to keep at a distance. None of my characters will be saving the world from terrorism, international banking conspiracies or coups to take over the government. Rather, they inhabit a world just below the surface of polite society, characters with one foot on either side of the law. The circumstances they find themselves in are usually due to bad decisions, but bad decisions lead to interesting stories. They serve not so much as an example but as a warning to us all. Thanks for taking the time, happy reading.


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