Review: Counterfeit Youth by Narbeh Avanessian

What does the man who has everything want? The answer is simple: for it to never end. Jackson Riley is a young billionaire living in the year 2052 with a single obsession - to discover immortality within his lifetime. But what happens when this obsession tears him apart from reality and his one true love Nicole? And why have untraceable special agents taken an interest in his medical experiments? Counterfeit Youth is an emotionally charged sci-fi thriller that explores the concept of happiness, and what it means to live forever.

I received this book to give an honest review.

When I read the blurb I figured I would give it a try. I enjoy some sci-fi reads but not all of them.

This is a short story but it just didn't appeal to me as I hoped.
I was a bit confused on everything that was truly going on within the story. You have Jackson Riley who is a rich young man, and he wants to be immortal. We all know that this is impossible but hey he thinks he has it down. He spends tons of money on research and coming up with the invention.  
When he does the "big" reveal that is when the trouble comes towards him. All I got out of it was the government did not want this to come out to the public and started going afterward Jackson and his friend Arsen. Some where Jackson's past love comes into play. There is a rocket launcher that comes out and I have no clue where the guy named David got it from.

I think the characters needed to be developed a whole lot more that way they are connectable in some way. Also I thought it was too short, it is like you start to understand and maybe have a question or so as it all only to have the ending come up and go "I don't have that dream anymore." 

Narbeh Avanessian
Living in Los Angeles as a freelance writer and marketing professional. Spend my free time writing science fiction and studying video games.


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