Review: When by Victoria Laurie

Maddie Fynn is a shy high school junior, cursed with an eerie intuitive ability: she sees a series of unique digits hovering above the foreheads of each person she encounters. Her earliest memories are marked by these numbers, but it takes her father’s premature death for Maddie and her family to realize that these mysterious digits are actually death dates, and just like birthdays, everyone has one.
Forced by her alcoholic mother to use her ability to make extra money, Maddie identifies the quickly approaching death date of one client's young son, but because her ability only allows her to see the when and not thehow, she’s unable to offer any more insight. When the boy goes missing on that exact date, law enforcement turns to Maddie.
Soon, Maddie is entangled in a homicide investigation, and more young people disappear and are later found murdered. A suspect for the investigation, a target for the murderer, and attracting the attentions of a mysterious young admirer who may be connected to it all, Maddie's whole existence is about to be turned upside down. Can she right things before it's too late?

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.
I have to say this is one of the best books for me as far as being a YA. It was way different than I have read before. You have a young girl named Maddie who since she was born saw numbers above people's head but never knew what they meant until later on. That is when learns they are death dates. Which I have to say is pretty cool. I think it would be neat to know when other's would be passing on or when I would be.
But anyway on to the rest of the review.
Maddie is a character that is very likable and you can feel the guilt she has when her father died even though it was not her fault. She also seems very grown up being as she has to go to school and try to take care of her mother who has turned into an alcoholic. Kind of sad I know. Not only that because of what she can see people at school bully her and I am glad that it was finally resolved but it was tough reading about Maddie being treated differently.

When Maddie gives a reading to a mother and then lets her know that something bad would be happening to her son, that is when the real trouble starts for Maddie. She is on a suspects list along with her best friend Stubby. Now Maddie has to prove with the help from her uncle who is a lawyer that she and Stubby are innocent, but will it be enough before more kids are in danger? Or will Maddie and Stubby be the ones who are convicted? 
Now I would say there is romance but it is more along the lines of a big crush for Maddie but it doesn't take away from the story.

I can honestly say when I found out the who dun it part I was very very surprised because I totally didn't even see it coming and that is what I enjoyed. I like to be kept guessing until the very very end and this book did it for me. 

I plan on keeping my eye on this author I like her writing style and the way she can keep you wanting to read more. 

Victoria Laurie
Victoria Laurie is the New York Times bestselling author of 26 books and counting. Victoria divides her time between her two adult mystery series, (The Psychic Eye Mysteries, and The Ghost Hunter Mysteries), and a Y/A thriller, When (Formerly titled Death Date), to be released in early January of 2015.
As a professional psychic, Victoria's protagonists - psychic Abigail Cooper, and spiritual medium M. J. Holliday - tackle the tricky world of the paranormal while fighting bad guys and demons with plenty of plucky humor and determination.
And using that keen understanding of the paranormal, Victoria also created the character of Maddie Fynn, a teenager with the unique intuitive ability to predict the exact date of someone's death.
To showcase her writing range, Victoria has also penned a children's epic adventure series, The Oracles of Delphi Keep.

Victoria loves to connect with her fans, and you can find her on Facebook at


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