Review: Slip by Leslie Portu

YA Fiction As Vivien Allen begins her junior year of high school, her expectations are flat. While the status quote has always been a source of comfort, she can't silence the small voice inside of her that yearns for something out of the ordinary. When her crotchety old French teacher is replaced by Christophe, an attractive young newcomer, she senses the possibility for change, and a strange, indefinable relationship begins. But, luck, it appears, has arrived in pairs, and Vivien soon finds herself the object of attention of Declan Mieres, the star senior lacrosse player. As her intimacy with both grows, so, too, does her unease. It becomes increasingly difficult to keep her two worlds separate. When at last they collide, the repercussions are far worse than she ever imagined.

I received this book to give an honest review. *Spoiler ALERT*
Never ever judge a book by its cover. If you saw this cover I know you would think oh lawd this is gonna be a sex book. Far, far from it. 
This is for a sure a YA story. You have the main character Vivien who is I don't want to use the word sheltered but that is how she comes across. She pretty much keeps herself busy in extra curricular activities, and school work. She does have friends but as they are "growing up" wanting to be part of the in crowd who parties, and hangs out she doesn't want that. She kind of reminded me of myself being that way in high school. I never did like the partying or drinking I would have rather stay home like Vivien did. 
So anyways, we watch as Vivien slowly moves out of her shell and that is thanks to Declan. He is a lacrosse player and Vivien has already pegged him as knowing the type of girls he likes and the way he acts. But we get to watch Declan prove that he is not like all the other guys he has grown up a bit. Now Vivien and Declan both play mind games with each other and it drives me absolutely batty. I mean he wants her to open up, she wants to but doesn't. Then he feels she is hiding something and she is, but she wants to tell him and at the same time she doesn't. And it goes back and forth like this through out the whole book. Vivien is a character I could have slowly strangled. 
While Vivien is starting out her relationship with Declan she is dealing with her mother who is hardly there along with trying not to crush on her French teacher. Who starts acting inappropriately towards Vivien. 
Now she has got to try to keep things with Declan going smoothly while keeping professional with her teacher. 
But as we progress through the story we learn that her teacher is not all who he seems to be.

What was never made fully clear to me is why was he keeping tabs on her, it was like he had an obsession which in a way I could understand why but I wanted to know more. 

The author did a great job with character building, and creating a believable plot in some spots. 
My favorite parts through out the story was reading the Pearls of wisdom by Ms. Hove.  
I want to write more but I know I will be giving away key things from the story. 

Leslie J. Portu
Hi there and welcome to my author page. Here are a few thoughts I'd like to share with you.
1. I believe reading novels is one of the best ways to increase your knowledge on just about ANY subject. As you follow the characters into their world you can't help but soak up all sorts of new information. There is nothing like the feeling of losing yourself in a good book.

2. Most kids these days do not read enough due to an overabundance of competing distractions. (Obviously this does not apply to YOU since here you are! So take a second and pat yourself on the back).

3. I love writing and it is my great, great aspiration to connect with some of you voracious readers.

4. Other factoids: I attended the University of Wisconsin for four of the best years of my life (Go Badgers!). I currently live in Ann Arbor, Michigan with my husband, four children, and two dumb dogs


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